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Video-Cleaning Stove

Here’s the dirty job in real life. Don’t expect video making talent here Enjoy the music anyway… Be a friend by sharing…

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Crazy Dog…video

The dog has a mind of her own. So do I, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Everytime I tried to grab the ‘blanket’ she would take off again. She ‘talks’ to us. She’ll bring a leftover, over-chewed bone to us, plant it at the bottom of the container that she knows holds more, and then look […]

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Dog’s Recovery

She recovered from the near-drowning emergency at the dugout. Slowly over the hours she finally quit shaking and bobbing, we put her outside to finish her rest and she’s doing well today. She’s bouncy and happy again…miracle of miracles! I still remember the moments of trauma – wondering if she would make it. I made this video in […]

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Another Bird under my Window

A cute little birdy hit the window. The birds don’t often survive such a hit. It breaks their necks or something. I was really hoping for this little fella…   I had to search the web to find out what species it was: I think it’s a baby Waxwing brought here by the […]

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Baby Frogs Invade in Massive Numbers

I couldn’t believe the swarm of tadpoles this year. This video is a ‘must-see’! The water is shimmering a bit so it spoils the view somewhat. The boards you see are part of a pallet that we used for access to the water when the water line was lower – so it’s beneath the water.       […]

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Bombing Blackbirds

  No wonder “curiosity killed the cat” as the saying goes. I stuck my nose in where it didn’t belong today. Robins just take off when you approach. NOT Blackbirds. They are aggressive little things. They scare me slightly. I thought I should check to see how they were doing since the Robins are getting […]

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Chicks love greens.

I spend a half hour every day picking alfalfa, clover and dandelions for the chicks. I’m wearing out my kitchen blender to chop it up.   They are now eating two full gallon pails of chopped greens per day along with 1 1/2 gallons of bagged feed. So their main diet right now is natural. […]

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Video: All four Robin’s hatched

You can sure tell who’s the eldest of the four Robins. It’s the hungriest. I can hardly keep myself from touching their fuzzy little naked  bodies, but I know I dare not. I don’t want the mamma to desert them. The Video. Be a friend by sharing…

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