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New 2015 Resolve

My 2014 garden and crops depended almost entirely on the amount of water I manually provided them for drink. That wasn’t much. I will do better in 2015. I need a good strawberry year again. I’ve got twice as many Raspberries as I need since I encouraged all my neighbors to grow their own (which […]

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Arrowroot Deodorant!

So now I want to sing the praises of Arrowroot. When I attempt to bake and cook without wheat (not that I think all wheat is bad, it’s just that my body is turned off by it…maybe I had too much gmo or sprayed wheat??) I find a number of alternative flours. What with the […]

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Birds are survivors

…and this year they are smarter than ever. I’ve been growing my own corn for a few years now, determined to grow as much of what I eat, as I can. This spring I didn’t have a chance to start more than one batch of seedlings. The first ones weren’t warm enough in the beginning […]

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Aren’t we Animals?

Yes! So… can we tell when winter is coming and how long it will be, etc…….without looking at the Farmer’s Almanac, and googling it? Hubby reminded me yesterday, while we peered out the window at the dusky white day that had arrived, about the year that winter had arrived and stayed so early, years ago. […]

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The New Hatch

Babies add joy to my life. My 50 chicks are almost 2 weeks old and eating  over a gallon of ground up alfalfa, clovers, and dandelion greens….phew!…a lot of work for me and my blender. These young plants have about an 18% protein content which, if supplemented with a small portion of fishmeal or other […]

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Ban Ray Ban

The laugh is on the Ray Ban scam. One of their spams came through on this site. They said  how totally wonderful a post was…and so very helpful (harhar). They apparently also find their sunglasses to be nearly as wonderful. Any ideas which of the posts was so helpful? The one on Eating Weeds !  I wonder […]

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Where are the Birds?

The landscape is a frozen sheet of white. The wind is biting at my face mercilessly. I can’t help but wonder where the birds are hiding. In my fluffy big parka and layers I can only stand but little of the this icy chill. What does a little Chickadee do to survive? They eat and […]

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Landscaping #4

This is to finish the landscaping project/article I was working on earlier this summer. Alas, summer was bizzy and I’m only now getting back to the fun I had. So…after the landscaping material is in place, you need something to hold it down asap or the wind will roll it up like a sausage and blow […]

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