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Eating your Pet?

This is going to be controversial, but whatever. I’m writing this in Remembrance of those who have gone before me, whether in war, of even as my ancestors who have gone through horrible moments to make my life possible I’ve asked myself this question and contemplating the balances for years. To be self-sufficient, food wise, I thought […]

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Willows for Baskets,Trivets, Furniture

This is my first attempt to make a Trivet which is like a pot-holder for hot things. Anything I can learn that will help me with my ‘survival’ plans is on the agenda. Having a unique conversation piece on my table makes it fun too. The willows need to be fine and straight. They should also be picked […]

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Pumpkin Seed Milk

With all the pumpkins and zucchini and squash I’ve collected a good-sized collection of seeds. I seem to rarely have the time to pick away at them to get at the goods inside the shells. I pondered on this…how could I get the hulls off? How do they do it commercially – there has to be […]

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The Cumfrey Works

I don’t know about how it does on burns yet, but the cumfrey salve I made works on inflamed zits! I had one in my ear yesterday, and since I needed to test this stuff I made, I’m starting to put it on things. 24 hours later the little sore center was there but the large bump […]

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Making the Salve

The dry ingredient have soaked since yesterday and I’ve spun them in the blender. I’m warming up the oil and beeswax slowly. I don’t want it to get too hot and ruin the good benefits of the herbs. I see that each time I add some of the ‘cooler’ ingredients that the wax-oil mixture wants to […]

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Burn Salves

I’ve been contemplating my next salve remedy for a while. I want everything in it, but also toy with the idea of using  just what is available. With help from some of you and the internet I came up with the list of possibly and important ingredients: Comfrey, Aloe juice, Vitamin E, Lavender oil, St. John’s wort, […]

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New Seedlings

 It snowed 6″/15cm the other night. The temperature fell to -19C. Purely an ugly April nightmare. There is hope. Hope for spring. Praise God that the seasons still perform there functions. Although there is a ton of white fluff and more angel-dandruff falling by the hour, the ground has little or no frost left in it. […]

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Comfrey mess up

I started out to make a burn salve. I dug the Comfrey out of the freezer and put it with some water to steep (the wrong thing to do). I started reading information on the plant. Unfortunately I did this in the wrong order. I should have read first…heh. Now I have to wait until […]

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