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Wheat-free Arrowroot Crackers*

  While pondering what I will make with my left-over Arrowroot flour I found other birds-of-a-feather trying the same thing online. The following link has interesting perspectives on the differences between the nutrition of cornstarch vs. the use of arrowroot flour. It seems that you can use them both equally except that arrowroot breaks down […]

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Birds are survivors

…and this year they are smarter than ever. I’ve been growing my own corn for a few years now, determined to grow as much of what I eat, as I can. This spring I didn’t have a chance to start more than one batch of seedlings. The first ones weren’t warm enough in the beginning […]

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Hubbard techniques

This video is so fun and right down my alley. Since the Hubbard can grow so big you can hardly lift it, this is the absolutely most PERFECT way to split it down to size. >>>    How to cut a Hubbard Squash *   The only problem I had was to find the right window. One without […]

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Ban Ray Ban

The laugh is on the Ray Ban scam. One of their spams came through on this site. They said  how totally wonderful a post was…and so very helpful (harhar). They apparently also find their sunglasses to be nearly as wonderful. Any ideas which of the posts was so helpful? The one on Eating Weeds !  I wonder […]

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Getting to the Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day. This is the closest subject as I can think of - that has to do with hearts and such. We eat them. I can barely believe it myself. Heart is worse than a tongue and better by far than liver (in my biased opinion). Hubby likes it stuffed (the good part is the stuffing of […]

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A Cooking Short Cut

Here’s some a brand new idea for Crista who is a devoted wife and mother to a batch of 7 energetic children. I was thinking of her today especially because it’s her birthday. I like to give recipes for birthday gifts – so here’s yours Christa. Have a good one! THE EASIEST WAY to get […]

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Bread Making

I don’t think I can add anything new to the art of making homemade bread itself. I can perhaps reveal a twist on how you can manage time to provide for most of the average desires of the passionately carbohydrate-driven person. I start out by making a LARGE batch of bread…say for 6 loaves at least. If I don’t have […]

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A Blast with the Artichokes

The Jerusalem Artichokes ofr Sunchokes were still there this spring. They got a good fast start with the lack of ground frost this last winter. I decided to harvest any if there was anything to be found. I got about 2-3 gallons of the tubers. They weren’t all that large – like maybe an inch or […]

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