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Mousey Heaven

The Mousey Heaven was in my parsnip patch last winter. My Mom’s yard was so riddled with tunnels and mines I was shocked…and so was she !! The only good thing about she figures is that she didn’t know she was completely surrounded by the varmints. I just realized I have some stories I haven’t published about […]

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A Unique Flavour

I had one lonely half of an apple on the counter and a dried and shrivelled up old lemon. “You look like you would make a pair” I said to them. So I bagged them together and left the apple to moisten the lemon, hoping I might be able to get a knife through it […]

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Re-Arranging the Pecking Order

Since I put the pasture chickens out, something crazy has been going on. For one the Rooster is hiding in the nest box and the hens aren’t laying at all! After two days  of this I’ve got another plan. I think he’s hen pecked and terrified of the older brown hens. I don’t know how […]

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Dog Food

We feed our big poochy some unusual things. She decided if it’s worth it. We kept scraps from the deer and elk we hunted last fall. Some of it kept in the freezer and some was preserved in our cheap-as-crazy outdoor freezer (compliments of our northern winter: any box on the porch). The last piece […]

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Another Dead Hen

Warning: Article not for the faint-hearted. I walked into the coop today to find a feathery rug-mat. Another one of the ‘old’ hens died since the last visit. I remember one that looked bedraggled and humped over during the past few days. I guess she’s a goner. I didn’t do an autopsy. There wasn’t much […]

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Another Mess Up

This isn’t going well. I took the dandelion flower heads out of the freezer bag after they had thawed out. They smelled stinky. I tried to pull the yellow stuff away from the green ends but the bud was squishy and impossible to deal with. The flower petals that are normally as bright and beautiful […]

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Winter’s March Back

We have 14″ of new white fluffy flakes. After hardly any precipitation for over a month and an amazingly lightening fast thaw over the last few weeks I’m in shock at this whiplash of weather. There looks to be a sure bet that flooding will occur this spring. The previous melt entered the culverts and then […]

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Your own Beans

Today I am sifting and re-sifting through my bag of bean pods. This was the first year that I decided to salvage left over peas and beans and greens from the garden in the fall. I can’t believe I let these things go to waste before! To think that I’ve bought bags of beans for […]

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