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Gasp* A Miracle

…of sorts. I was venting my frustration at getting no eggs from those crazy birds. I’ve even been tempted to rob the Robin’s nests for breaky. I mentioned that they sure like eating feathers! Two days ago Hubby said maybe they’re not getting enough grit (gravel to grind their food in their crops). “No way” said […]

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A Blast with the Artichokes

The Jerusalem Artichokes ofr Sunchokes were still there this spring. They got a good fast start with the lack of ground frost this last winter. I decided to harvest any if there was anything to be found. I got about 2-3 gallons of the tubers. They weren’t all that large – like maybe an inch or […]

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Pumpkin Fest

Last fall I decided that the garden needed to get smaller. Stick with the basics I told myself. This spring I got excited again Naomi sent me some Golden Hubbard seeds and two kinds of Hulless Pumpkin Seeds. I was looking for a way to get the hulls off of those seeds so they were […]

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Planting My Babies

I’ve had enough of the guess-work. I don’t see minus anything in the forecast so my tomatoes, corn and cabbages are going out to their new garden home. I’m crossing my fingers. If it isn’t safe by now, when will it ever be? The tomatoes are getting yellow leaves. I’d say it’s from a lack of […]

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My Flowers are Gorgeous

The last two years I had poor flowers. I began to think it was the soil I was using. It was the cheapest thing I could find. This year I experimented and used 1/2 of that rich (in dollars) Miracle Grow dirt. I mixed the two (cheap and expensive)  50-50. What a difference! The plants were at […]

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Dry Washer Detergent

I’m still learning about this laundry soap. My washer is downstairs in the basement. It’s cool down there. The liquid laundry soap I made gets thicker as it cools. By the time it arrived at the basement temperature it was cool enough to not be cool any more. I couldn’t get it to pour out of […]

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More Dead Birds

I’m so discouraged. I think I lost 2 hens because I let them out to early. It was still cold. With little feathers they didn’t have much cover but I thought they’d have the good sense to stay inside if they weren’t warm…NOT. The dog came dragging one in that looked like a messy rug…and […]

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Making Laundry Soap

Making Liquid Laundry Soap!

Why make your own? It’s a lot cheaper! Come on you frugal friends…let’s try it. 1 bar of soap (any kind you want)                                                                                                                                                                        1 cup of Borax 1 cup of Washing Soda a big pot ( that holds more than 2 gallons) a grater a funnel a long spoon 2 empty gallon jugs/containers Grate the […]

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