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Who can guess what’s on the plate?

I skipped out to the garden to see if there was anything edible yet. There were a few interesting things. I brought one of them into the house to clean up for supper. It’s on the bottom right of the plate in the picture. It looks a bit yellowish and noodle-looking.  You will win my […]

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Wind turbine on rail car

 How GREAT is this? It’s one side of a propeller for one of the Wind Turbines destined for BC. It’s more amazing to see the 30+ cars with these all in a row. They have 35 of thee turbines in Dawson Creek already, and 35 farther north. I believe that they are planning to put […]

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Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Making Yogurt

   I wanted to upload a video, but until then.. imagine…this is me making yogurt. I used 5 cups of milk from the store. If you use raw milk it needs to be heated to a pasteurized state to remove ‘unwanted’ bacteria. I put one package of Knox unflavoured gelatin in the cold milk and […]

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How do you get a chicken to set on eggs?

I wish I knew more. If anyone can help with this one, it would be great. This is what I know: 1. Leave behind dummy eggs or risk the real ones breaking. 2. Leave a few straws over them for camouflage.3. Be sure it’s dark and secretive looking.4. If one acts hormonal-screechy at you/others, her […]

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Pasture Poultry Pens and Barn Doors

Hubby has been home for a few days, so he’s had me helping with every thing you can think off. He had this great idea to use some load straps he has, to make a flexible barrier at the bottom of the barn doors. We got out a handful of screws and washers and just screwed […]

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Life in Town

The first 12 years of my life was spent living in a small town. This was so, but I was decidedly ‘in’ it…not ‘of‘ it.  Dad built a small house on a new lot that was on the fringe of town. Across the street from our house was a forest. That was my most desired […]

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Fog Forecast

According to ‘Hoya’ (some unknown character that gets blamed for everything), when there is significant fog, then there will be significant precipitation 90 days later. So…today there was light fog almost all day. I think the amount of the fog determines how much moisture later on. You can just make out the hills in the distance in […]

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Homemade Cooking and Recipes from Scratch

SURVEY: What are you itching to make?

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