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My seedling nursery

I had my seedlings under grow lights last night to give them a boost. The sun has been hidden for awhile. I put them back in the window this morning for whatever daylight they can pick up. They look a bit spindly so I pruned the Nasturtiums back (tallest on left, below), but made sure […]

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Good morning

When I looked out the window this morning I saw that winter was spitefully refusing to leave. I laugh at it because I know it’s beat, one way or another. I’m certain that summer is coming. The floor is cool in the living room so I’m making a fire in the wood cook stove. There’s […]

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The Foreboding River

 Right from start I was adventuresome, and curious. My parents took me as a young crawler down to the big river with them to wash their car. That wouldn’t happen much these days, huh? Why not a car wash? In the 1950’s-there weren’t any car washes. There were only “car washers”, which were people on […]

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weather update

  The sky is grey and dripping. the temperture is cooler. No doubt the storm has arrived. It wondered last night if maybe I was wrong. Hubby asked me to check what the government report said for today and it declared dry and sunny. I was preparing myself for some ‘crow eating’, but I guess […]

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Hubby gets to see my blog

After showing him how to view things, he first picked the blog with the pictures of the elk in the field of snow. He thought that was pretty good. I shouldn’t be surprised that he picked that one, after all – guess what he has hanging on the living room wall! The picture on this […]

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I’ve planted the Supersweet Corn

As I was saying, Hubby keeps me busy, but all I have to do is suggest that I have to plant the corn, and he’ll allow any time needed. Once we tasted the Supersweet corn fresh out of the garden, there is no option but to grow it. I am especially surprised that I can […]

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What’s for Supper?

I just love eating what I have grown or made myself. Tonight’s supper is Deer (Venison sounds more culinary pleasing) Rib Steak. We didn’t grow it, of course, but we hunted it, butchered it, etc. I put my own BBQ sauce over the top. I made homemade French Fries (I have my own ketchup recipe-extra spicy) and […]

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So excited about new plants!

  I have spring fever now that my new little seedlings have come through the soil! I grow all my own plants (or try to) from seeds I’ve collected from the last year. Now that’s starting from scratch! I don’t have a ‘real’ greenhouse, just a bay window that I installed with no light filters in […]

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