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New Lettuce, Asparagus, Transplants in…phew!

This is where another great part of life begins, eating the new lettuce which has grown for about 6 weeks  already.        Mix in the asparagus and chives, strawberry and pansy blossoms, a few new Saskatoon leaves. I could live on my own if I don’t get too tired…it sure is a pile of work. […]

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More Robin Eggs

Do all Robin’s lay 4 eggs? This is the second nest with 4 eggs. It was right under my nose in the yard. This nest is higher than the last one that got emptied, so it should be fine. It’s in a bushy spruce about 4′ off the ground, so I won’t have to get […]

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Oh Nooo…

           I thought it was going to be good news   :((     The Robin’s eggs are gone      It was in an area available to many predators. It wasn’t a cat. Cats claw at the nest and make a mess of it. There are a few coyotes around. They have a den not far away.      Hubby said it […]

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The Wonder of Oil of Wintergreen

Barry had a great hint that he is lending us. He awakened me to some facts about  Wintergreen Oil. This Oil has been used in a surprising number of products such as chewing gum and candy, but also in liniments for sore muscles and arthritic conditions. But Barry  says it has a largely unadvertised use as a […]

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More on Raising Fish

What does it costs to raise fish? The price varies depending on the size of the fingerlings,and of course from year to year, and with different suppliers. 2 to 3″ are less than $2 each (about). I usually get 3-4″ for a bit more cost. If you don’t count the trip to get them, that’s all […]

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Back to the garden.

            Last Monday when I was weeding the strawberries I noticed the east wind was whipping into the berry patch. Every dandelion I threw east wanted to come back at me. I pushed my project of weeding to the max. I knew an east wind can bring inclement weather.                                                                                                                                                                                                             The soil […]

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The Robin’s nest

I debated  whether to put this in the catagory “using nature”, because who would want to use Robin’s eggs for anything except a viewing pleasure, but realistically they could be used if you were hungry enough. I hope I never have to eat them. They are such a beautiful deep sky blue, and the more Robin’s […]

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Happy chicks playing

  They’re eating, drinking, playing, running, sleeping…sorry I can’t help myself. There antics are so sweet. I started feeding them little pieces of green alfalfa, etc. You have to start them young.  The red heat lamp is what is making some of the shot reddish. >”><param      Be a friend by sharing…

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