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Waiting nervously

I’m still waiting for the mail to arrive at our post office. I had the coop already for them this morning except that I went in to turn the heat lamp on. I’m always a little jittery about getting the temperature just right…30 to 32C. If they get too cold they will all get pneumonia […]

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Baby Chicks Everywhere

 I ordered 50 little yellow fluff balls. I hope they survive all the loving everyone wants to give them. It’s hard to believe that they can ship these by mail. They usually arrive in fine shape. When they exit the egg, they have enough good nutrition in them to last 2 days without anything. They fail quickly […]

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The Chicks are coming…

Oh ya! They are due to arrive tomorrow. It’s for sure that I’ll be all over them with a camera. Meanwhile I have to get the coop cleaned out. Check out the…ahem…artistically designed walls.  Good enough for a chicken I think. I had extra yellow and green paint. My first thought was to paint it […]

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Pasture Poultry gets out

  Two homemade pasture poultry pens I’m sure the hens are glad to be out on new ground. They get the fenced in area around the coop pretty churned up. Their favorite pastime on a dry day is to scratch out bowl-shaped holes in the ground. They then lay every which way as they scratch and […]

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Eating Weeds

I’m having some fun at my hubby’s expense! Hubby get’s this craving once in awhile to have pancakes for supper. I don’t make them often as it means there won’t be any vegetables for that meal. I don’t think my hubby is so different from a lot of folks in that he prefers his meat […]

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Guess the Length of our Rainbow Trout

            None of these to the right are the same as the one in the  contest picture above.   Be a friend by sharing…

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Jasmine Loves Bunnies

Jasmine is a young lady and entrepreneur in her own right. She raises rabbits to sell. She tells me of some rare ones she has. One has a very colorful stripe down the side. She will hopefully get some more pictures to me yet. She says that they can and do get shown at 4H […]

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I Have to Grow Kale!

If you wonder where this determination came from, read the comments I’ve received on this vegie. I have been so stuck on Kale as an ornamental. It is totally beautiful of course. I can’t believe that I grew a couple last year for fun and then let them waste away under the snow! Naomi caught the […]

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