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Pieces of Chicken (cont.)

                                                                                                                 Rooster Gonads >>   7. The gizzard can be sliced carefully down the center and the the flesh pulled by hand away from the stomach sack to leave an edible piece of organ. Discard the stomach lining and contents – or feed it to the other birds. I prefer to just cut the meatier […]

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Cornish Giants are out

No more lawn mowing the clippings to feed to them. It would have been easier if I had a lawn bagger. At least I didn’t have to use a scythe like Hubby suggested. The pieces would have been too big anyway I told him. It’s was also getting to be a chore to keep the […]

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Getting the Feathers Off

Immediately after beheading or sticking a chicken you have to get the guts out asap. I have to get some feathers off first so I can tell where I’m going. (Click on pictures to enlarge them) 1. Stick the knife upside down under the skin at the knuckle of the leg and cut towards the base […]

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Beheading the Rooster: warning>it’s gory

I decided against the video of the beheading. The rest is gory enough, but it’s a necessary task in order to put chicken on the table. Suck it up… here goes. The plan to capture him had a couple of hitches. When I produced the flashlight inside the pen, the rooster wasn’t on the roost. Isn’t that where […]

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Rooster and Hens heading for the coop

Tomorrow the Rooster Dies

This is the plan:  I’m going to sneak into the pasture pen @ 2am or so when it’s as dark as possible to capture the flighty rooster. When you are this far north there isn’t much darkness during the night as we are close to the longest day of the year. In fact the landscape […]

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Caterpillar Catastrophy

I have no fondness for the tent caterpillar. Besides the fact that they are full of bright green ‘leaf’ juice that horrifies me and furry hairy bodies that send shivers up my spine at the sight of them, they totally rape the beautiful leafy spring landscape. Today I saw an area that stretched as far […]

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Canned Jackfish

At the request of a follower (Wendy?), here is my Canned Jackfish recipe. Fillet the fish so that you get most of the bones out. Using a quart canning jar, fill it with fish to the shoulder of the jar. Add the following: 4 tablespoons of ketchup (I prefer ketchup – it makes it look and taste […]

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Bombing Blackbirds

  No wonder “curiosity killed the cat” as the saying goes. I stuck my nose in where it didn’t belong today. Robins just take off when you approach. NOT Blackbirds. They are aggressive little things. They scare me slightly. I thought I should check to see how they were doing since the Robins are getting […]

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