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Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is no different in raspberries. Here we go again with red and yellow berries. The red is, off course,the old stand-by with its red, tart and tasty attraction.   Why grow anything else? Remember that nothing seems to have it all. Everything on this earth has pros and cons. The yellow ones have a mild and […]

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Baby Frogs Invade in Massive Numbers

I couldn’t believe the swarm of tadpoles this year. This video is a ‘must-see’! The water is shimmering a bit so it spoils the view somewhat. The boards you see are part of a pallet that we used for access to the water when the water line was lower – so it’s beneath the water.       […]

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Love is the Story

  For years, US gymnasts Jordyn  Wieber and Aly Raisman have been each other’s best friend and each other’s biggest competitor. They have grown up together. They have traveled together, worked together, and shared the dream with each other. As best friends they have come to a hard point in life. When only one of them can go to the […]

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It’s Pea Season…sweet

I do this all the hard way. Why? I still don’t have a ‘pea sheller’. I managed to find a blueprint for one and I have a friend who found one at an auction sale but that’s as close as I’ve got. I know what I want, but don’t feel gifted in carpentry. I’ve offered […]

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All about a Dugout #4

Vegetation Control: This a very difficult task since water and fertile ground makes things grow like crazy! I got tired of the cattail. They attract water rats who chew off water lines, stir the dirt into the water which plugs filters and makes disgusting water. They look cute to a point, but when I can’t get near […]

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Strawberry Uses

There is an obviously long list of possible used for the strawberry itself. Then there is the looked-over leaves, stem and root. Like I mentioned I’ve been having flu like symptoms. It has all mostly subsided within about 24 hours thankfully. My insides still don’t seem totally agreeable with food. I feel it’s important to let your […]

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All about a Dugout #3

Controlling  dugout contaminants: Dog – Get a dog that doesn’t want to go near the water. Good Luck. Deer and wild animals – fence them out. Right! It takes a major fence to keep Elk out. Imagine my consternation when the Deer started eating all our bales, hanging around nonchalantly in the bushes and drinking […]

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Butchering the Chicks

When I butchered the rooster before I had to skin him to get the feathers off. Normally we try a totally different approach to the real butchering process. These Cornish Giants are slowly moving heavy birds. I can reach under their chest and measure their girth with my hand. The reason I do this is […]

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