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Canning Peaches

The last 2 years I was busy with everything else I’d grown myself and trying to get it all put away that I totally missed the season for canning peaches.  I don’t buy many other fruits – this is my exception. I like to wait for the big fresh ones from the Okanagan valley in British Columbia. […]

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Use that Lemon Peel !

Sherry: I got this email from a friend. it’s more than food for thought. I’m amazed at the parts of food we throw away. I’m equally surprised at how many things surrounding what we eat are poisonous. Is there no end to the learning process? Who would be thinking that lemon peels are that nutritious. […]

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Chokecherry Jelly Lessons

Two children begged to pick some Chokecherries. I have a lot of different trees, and dozens of them are Chokecherry trees. This is the first year that there was no frost and the bugs and birds didn’t eat them like they were candy. They came with a few to make sure they were picking the right berries which was a […]

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A Trip ‘North’…naming the blue flower.

Every time I think I live in ‘the North’ I find out there’s a lot more north of me yet. I was up towards Fort Nelson, BC. I noticed how far north the Pine Beetle has migrated. Without the Pine trees in this country there isn’t going to be much left to supply the sawmills. […]

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Chicks in Zebra Stripes

It’s exciting to see my baby bandits getting their jail-bird stripes.     I’m starting to see their different natures. They like to play in places of interest – like in and around the feed bags.The Cornish Giant chicks I had were only interested in food, Food, More FOOD!         I’ve taken […]

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Guess the Crop :)

What kind of crops do you think are represented in the following 2 pictures? PICTURE 1  PICTURE 2 PS: this crop has been guessed by Naomi (see comments below). It is Red clover being grown for seed. It caught my eye because of it’s stunning and unusually colour. She says that she had just bought […]

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Common Sweet Clover for headaches

Although herbs can be beneficial, they should always be used with caution like any medicinal thing. Sweet clover is no exception. Dillon is a young fella that visited here recently and he gets headaches occasionally so he was interested when I started teaching him about this particular clover. There was some not so far away, […]

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Green Cherries

I kept looking for something to happen with these plants. They have many more blooms now. I couldn’t find any of those pods developing. They were never going to make fruit at this rate! I bent down to inspect the bush closer. When I lifted the branches I was very surprised. The fruit develops and […]

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