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Is this the Magic Cure?

One more child got bit by a wild bumble bee. It got caught in her open foot ware and stung her heel. The moaning from pain started immediately. I ran to the house to get a needle to pluck out the stinger. When she saw me coming with it (it was long) she decided that I wasn’t […]

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Imagine the loud squeals of delight and the sweet giggles of joy when children meet with water. At our pond they find the most unusual things to play with. Before I realized it the fun had turned to a game of “sling the pond snot at your opponent”. There was plenty of water to wash it off. […]

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I’m Forced to do Emergency Surgery

This morning Hubby found our dog full of Porcupine quills. The most encouraging thing was that there was only one in her nose. The rest were all down her front left side. Despite the panic we felt, we discussed this as quickly and logically as we could. 1. Pull them out 2. Take her to the […]

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More New Babies

I’m feeling a little crazy and desperate. I wanted to get a better breed for one main purpose: I want them to set on their eggs. Is that too much to ask of a chicken?   ??? Secondly: for laying hens. Since I could only get mixed sexes that means that I have both male and […]

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Frogs, Worms, what’s next?

All these things that children collect and stuff in pockets and jars make me wonder if some aren’t the source of some of the allergic reaction, or bites they mysteriously get. Below is one collection I spied in a ‘borrowed’ container. This caterpillar is very noticeable and very vivid and colourful. I wanted to know more […]

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Naughty Dog gets Zapped

I was wondering if the dog was behaving herself. Sometimes when she was down near the pasture pens the chickens made a ruckus. Then I found holes dug under the edge of the pen. Hubby said it was getting too scary with her getting that invasive…it was time to teach her a lesson before the chickens became dog […]

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Bees, Wasps and the Sting

If you’re on the receiving end of a bee sting and AREN’T allergic, try treating it with these handy home and herbal cures, but first be sure to get the stinger out and wash the area with soap and water. Apply a slice of fresh garlic to the sting and rub it back and forth […]

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Prime of Learning: Childhood

It gives me the greatest pleasure to watch young children learning about nature. I know these things they are learning will affect their view on the earth, animals, plants, the cycle of life, and even their purpose in being here.     Isn’t this little tyke just adorable? The flap on his hat is sticking […]

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