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Licencing of Seed,GMO’s,etc.

I was asked what I knew about this subject. I thought it would be easier to put in a post.  This subject has me freaked-out and is maybe why I’m defiantly trying to do and make my own everything. Hubby and I have a farming background. We grew grain and seed crops for several years. […]

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4 girls+(twinsX2)+1 boy=9 kids

I come from a good-sized family. I remember an unknown lady telling me one day, when my mom had a house full of kids, that someday I would understand what my mom was going through. “Maybe someday”, I’m now thinking, but not even yet! I was the eldest, followed by a few sisters of which […]

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Make Sauerkraut for Super Nutrition

Everything is coming too fast. The cabbage has started to split so I had to get it out of the garden a few days ago. I did a silly thing…I left them in plastic bags. When I went downstairs I could smell them. Rotting cabbage is not a pleasant aroma in your house. No matter […]

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Autumn Nostalgia

After six sweet amazing weeks the corn is done. Our first meal of them was at the end of July. Hubby wistfully said as he came into the kitchen today, ” No more corn on the cob, right”? I remember being sad this spring when some of the corn took so long to come and was so far […]

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More on Chokecherries

I was just thinking that Chokecherries would be a good additive to a mouth salve, if they were cooked so they didn’t have that terrible dry taste. They are supposed to be good for mouth sores. Also their are claims of their value regarding colds and rheumatism. A rheumatic ointment is also a thought. It […]

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The Bear’s not gone…

I’ve had rogue bears around before. I thought (proudly) that I had developed a resilience to what used to be recurring thoughts of terror and fear following a bear episode. I soon relaxed after the bear incident recently. Everyone, myself included, returned to life as normal. I gardened, we fished and played. The company left.  Hubby […]

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My Attempt at Cream-Style Corn

You heard me say “I hate waste”. When the cobs were all laying on the table with some juicy cut off pieces of kernels still attached I was thinking. Scraping it off with a knife is what came to my mind. The chickens wouldn’t have nearly as much fun with them, but I’m the priority […]

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It’s almost Hunting Season

Hubby got drawn for a Deer and an Antlerless Elk. Wahhooo!………..there’s only one Big problem: No freezer room.     I don’t know how to tell him that…uhh, Honey, the freezer is full of vegetables so you won’t get to go hunting this year – we have no place to put any meat. He’s a […]

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