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I’m a Witch.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN…(screeeeech…harhar!) and welcome to my ‘Witching” theme for the day: Witching for…well…water that comes from a well.   I originally grew up in central Alberta where water came from a well or a river. I thought all of creation did this. It was only when I moved to the northern parts that I discovered […]

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Hurricane Sandy

What I see is are millions of North American citizens being reminded of what they should have done last year of even 10 years ago. I see them stocking their pantries with extra water and groceries because a natural disaster is in their backyard. If you can call a 700 kilometer wide hurricane on our […]

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Another Bird under my Window

A cute little birdy hit the window. The birds don’t often survive such a hit. It breaks their necks or something. I was really hoping for this little fella…   I had to search the web to find out what species it was: I think it’s a baby Waxwing brought here by the […]

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Some Tomatoes are more susceptible to Blossom End Rot (BER) than others. It seems like any condition that causes them stress invites the cancerous blight. I say ‘cancerous’ because I think that stress is what causes deformed cells and deteriorating cancer-causing conditions in us as well. Why not ‘plant cancer’?   The stress this year was not […]

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Swiss Chard

What I’ve done with my massive amount of Swiss Chard: 1. Cut, picked, carried, and washed my heart out,of course. 2. Peeled the green leafy material* away from the stalk.       3. Saved the stalk for relish.           4. Steamed some of the green stuff* until it had shrunk. […]

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All about a Dugout #7

    In preparation for the coming season, where the dugout will be completely frozen over, we’ve had some adjustments to make. It involves me in cold icy water, balancing over slippery muck. I really like the beautiful idea of putting a windmill in place and then letting nature aerate the water forever. We had one, but decided […]

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Autumn leaf pictures

   Autumn at my place. I planted these from babies so they feel especially special to me.                                           Above the hibernating trees are laying their work to rest on the lawn. The yellow-leaved trees sway […]

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Eternal Tomatillos

The Ground Cherries alias Tomatillos never quit growing – they just finally got wilted by the frost. I wonder if they ever finish maturing in a perfect climate. They just got bigger and bigger. Picking the fruit off of the vine never worked because those always had enough green on them that they were sour. They fell […]

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