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Rhubarb Plant

Rhubarb Marinade

I finally found a recipe for Rhubarb that I’ve been dreaming of for months. With the acid content of the Rhubarb I never doubted that it would soften and marinade meat perfectly. Spring Rhubarb and Ginger Marinade for Oven or Barbecue Beef 1 1/2 cups (355mL) wine (white or red) or chicken broth 1 large […]

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Winter Survival-short term

Now that the landscape has turned from greens and browns to greys and white, I have to take a hard look again at this question that nags me each winter. What would I do to survive out there? Outside of my cozy home. What if it was -20, -30, -40?? I stare at the snow and […]

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Veggie Tails – Part 3

             Lastly these querky spuds.                     All these netted gem potatoes came from one hill. I unearthed them like an archeologist, leaving the first pile on the left as they grew. The second on the right is the organized version layed out […]

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Veggie Tails – Part 2

The root vegetables are safely in the cellar, and it’s time I shared their intriguing pictures.  I thought the rutabagas were huge, but then I heard about a guy from the past that grew giant ones in southern Alberta. He grew them like people now try to grow world record pumpkins. That would have been a sight. He […]

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Rest of the Roosters

They were getting no rest at all. You see…two weeks ago I heard a weird sounding animal…somewhere. I had to hear it 4 times before it occurred to me that the new roosters had matured to the early crowing stage. When the first try this they sound forlorn and pitiful, rather than brave and majestic. That […]

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My Double Dilly Popcorn

                          I tasted some nice Dill popcorn flavoring and fell in love….until I noticed how much msg there was. There must be a way to get close to this yummy taste without the msg and maybe the ton of butter. You know me – […]

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Veggie Tails – Part 1

 PUT A CAPTION TO THESE IN THE COMMENTS!                                                                                              NUMBER 1                                        NUMBER 2                                                                                         NUMBER 3                                                                                                                                        NUMBER 4                                                                                                                        NUMBER 5 Be a friend by sharing…

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Black Friday Sale on Dry Goods…hurry!

    Wow, you should see the things they have on this site. I work my butt off to make this stuff and they have it in handy containers that will last  for a ‘quarter of ever’. Check it out. They have more than food, but the selection of dried vegetable is to die for…or […]

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