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Cutting the Deer Meat

To save money I usually butcher my own meat. I don’t always do it professionally, but as long as it suits me, who cares? The Deer we got was  ‘smallish’ so it won’t take long to cut up. I did the 2 front quarters in 3 hours (?…I didn’t keep track of the time very […]

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HP Sauce from Scratch

As requested by Anna-Marie (Merry Christmas)…my latest recipe invention. Just because we don’t want all the preservatives and junk in our diet and are willing to go through the effort to make our own food. 1 tablespoon of water 4 tablespoons of white vinegar 4-6 tablespoons of molasses ( I used 4 but mine was dried […]

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Blistery Weather

It’s an ‘old-fashioned’ winter. I use that term loosely because I’m not sure I want to admit I remember when the winter’s were bitter and the snow was deeper. For the last dozen years…no..choke…17 or 18 years (!) we have had very moderate snow falls and temperatures. Gone are the freezing blasts that tested our temperaments […]

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Party time

The bales are gone…wahoo. The stress is off…yay! The elk all filed past this afternoon, going towards the west. I don’t know where. Someone elses bales? I hope not. The herds get larger every year. The poor farmers are having a hard time keeping the hay for their domestic animals. If elk had to fend for […]

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Wheatless Banana Loaf

Don’t over-look this post just because you’re not interested in Banana Loaf. The flour proportions here can be used in a ton of other baked items like…biscuits, pancakes, cookies and on and on. I have a banana loaf recipe from a recipe book that is so ancient it’s yellowed and falling apart. That doesn’t make […]

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Skinning and Hanging-graphic content

To skin the deer we first cut around the bottom of the knee, remove the knee at the joint and the cut the hide away always keeping in mind that on the inside of the hind legs are the scent glands where there is a small, smelly patch of hair which should be avoided (take […]

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We’ve bagged a Deer-graphic content

Even though we’ve had lots of weary nights chasing the deer away from our hay, we passed on the temptation to cut one down. They were Flagtails anyway and they don’t have much meat on their bones to boot. Hubby got a tag for a female Mule Deer, but it isn’t for our area. We haven’t seen […]

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The Dog got Smashed

That dog has been nothing but trouble. I have had mixed feelings about her. She digs up my flower beds, she won’t chase the animals away from the hay…lazy pup! She won’t eat the dog food or even raw meat anymore. Hubby has got me to cook her meat….get that! All that being said, I saved […]

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