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The Bales are Moving!

Finally the truck has come after days of waiting. For 2 days the wind had the guy with the truck drifted in by 3 feet or a metre bank of snow. He had to wait for the government plow truck to open the road, then he had a flat tire and a wheel seal leaking. […]

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Stealing the Milk Money

Can you imagine not being able to pick up a jug of milk simply by stopping at the grocery store? When you lived in the 1960’s and earlier, milk came by way of the milkman. He brought it to town with him in glass bottles. After he left the full bottles and the owner had […]

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Cleaning the Coop

  The weather has lightened up a little. It’s suddenly close to +0 C., which is even better than -0 C. I feel like breaking out the shorts! When it warms up the chicken coop gets damp as the frost comes out of everywhere. The smell of ammonia can get quite powerful. After I did my duty to […]

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A Plan is Formed

We have decided that we have enough square bales in the loft of the barn that we can afford to part with the round ones we have outside. The ones that are exposed to the local wildlife. There is a herd of elk, deer and a few moose that want it bad. I want the […]

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First New Poulet Egg

I got a treasured surprise today. A tiny brown egg. I have 7 older hens and 13 new pullets. I think I’m going to need another nest box. This hadn’t occurred to me until now when I saw the little egg on top of the nest box. The old hens haven’t been letting the younger ones roost. […]

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about the Rhubarb Marinade

I tried the Rhubarb marinade, did anyone else? I can’t tell if it softened it anymore than usual. It did have an interesting flavor but only after I doubled (or more) the amount of rhubarb. It was way better on chicken (which is milder) than on beef. I think that’s because the flavor of the Rhubarb […]

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The Deer are all over us!

They are in every field and digging into our hay bales, despite the fencing. Despite the loud music I’ve played at night. What’s worse is there are elk getting into the play. I sprayed with the deer fence a few days ago (which seemed to work amazingly for a short time), and now I’ve doused […]

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The Dried Green Experiment

After I tried the Kale Krunch  that used oil and an oven to toast it into a dried state, I decided to just to start drying the garden greens. It was too late for the Kale this fall. It was already too bitter. The Swiss Chard was big, still luscious and I didn’t want it to go […]

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