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Frozen Eggs

Stop! Don’t throw them away. In fact consider doing it on purpose. Twice already this winter I gathered the eggs from the coop and forgot  them somewhere out there in the minus something weather. I get trying to mult-task until my brain starts secretly dropping things of the other end of my list. Its got […]

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Storage:Matches not the same

I can’t imagine how many wooden matches I have used in my lifetime. Thousands for sure. I’m here to tell you that they are not all the same. They used to contain sulphur until that became a ‘no-no’. Then for a while it was hard to get a match to burn. I used a ‘Seafarer’ […]

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Killing the Kittens

Dad was in the beginning stages of house building on our town lot. He was self motivated, and pretty capable at wearing different hats. He planned to do most of the work himself. Thus far the footings had been shovelled out which created large trenches around the perimeter of the plan. The dirt was piled […]

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Christmas take down

What has January 27th got to do with Christmas. Well…Sherry has finally decided to do it. I think most nationalities have had theirs by now. I don’t usually take this long, but with the hunting and butchering and sausage making… On second thought I think I will leave one or two. Next year I’m going […]

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Sausage:Tasting & Changes

1.  The Kielbasa tasted like it should and had the right texture, however pork fat would make it more like the store-bought variety. It was a nice color because of the curing salt, but I could forego color. I thought I might add 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar next time. 2. The Pepperoni was tasty but very […]

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more on Colored Case Hardening

Remember Buck was going to make his own case hardened tools using peach pits? He showed me the final product. I was intrigued by the bluish rainbows playing across the little pieces. I was even more impressed that he made the pieces himself like an old-time blacksmith! Who does that anymore? When I think of my […]

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Smoking: Meat of course

I should’ve had the title say “Smoking Pot…Roast” and checked to see how many hits I got on my blog. :)) The sausage sat overnight in a covered tub outside. It was +2 C which is just above freezing. That made a perfect refrigerator. I drug out my smoker. This is only the second time […]

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Mixing the Sausage

So here it is. My sausage making, learning, praying, working day. The first time ever for me. I’ve ground the hamburger with a hand machine before and this one of Bill’s was only bigger, stronger, louder and faster…yay! The meat pieces from the end of the legs with all the sinew (remember?) wasn’t good for […]

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