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Hen Lays Chocolate Easter Egg!

True story…I found a chocolate egg. My hens lay brown-shelled eggs, but never before was brown on the inside (with a bright yellow yolk)  !  ! What do you think? I wouldn’t lie.             It didn’t smell bad. It was a fairly fresh egg – only a few days old at most. […]

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Crazy Dog…video

The dog has a mind of her own. So do I, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Everytime I tried to grab the ‘blanket’ she would take off again. She ‘talks’ to us. She’ll bring a leftover, over-chewed bone to us, plant it at the bottom of the container that she knows holds more, and then look […]

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Seriousness of Non-Hybrids

Sherry: Wow, Mike Adams that published this is a ‘bird of a feather’. Right on. Right on Mike! __________________________________________ Dear Natural News readers, (from Most Natural News readers are into preparedness or self-reliance at some level: they grow a garden, stockpile a bit of food or even just do their own countertop sprouting. Our […]

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Birdies: the Recipe

When I make my own goods from scratch, I need to save as much time as possible…so I have time for the rest of life. I’ve made doughnuts, spudnuts, cake doughnuts. They are time-consuming because of the shaping and time for rising. This “Birdies” recipe is equivalent to a cake doughnut, but takes the shape of […]

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Hoya blooms

It must be the changing angle of the sun. My Hoya hasn’t bloomed for a year. Here’s it is. Anything blooming is exciting when it’s so drab outside.   Be a friend by sharing…

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Cleaning the Cook Stove

The ‘cons’ about having a wood stove: There is more dust than you might normally expect in your house because of the fine particles of ash that escape into the air. I create a lot of ash-dust when I clean the main part of the stove. This happens about once a month depending on how […]

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Another Mess Up

This isn’t going well. I took the dandelion flower heads out of the freezer bag after they had thawed out. They smelled stinky. I tried to pull the yellow stuff away from the green ends but the bud was squishy and impossible to deal with. The flower petals that are normally as bright and beautiful […]

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Winter’s March Back

We have 14″ of new white fluffy flakes. After hardly any precipitation for over a month and an amazingly lightening fast thaw over the last few weeks I’m in shock at this whiplash of weather. There looks to be a sure bet that flooding will occur this spring. The previous melt entered the culverts and then […]

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