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Planting Time Again

Again. I planted lettuce in the winter already. Anyways….it’s past time to start flowers for me. I usually start the first week in March…I’m not sure why I feel like having a late start. Maybe it’s because it’s still snowing almost every day. Most ‘greenhousers’ have already planted tomatoes and flowers by mid February. I don’t have […]

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Comfrey mess up

I started out to make a burn salve. I dug the Comfrey out of the freezer and put it with some water to steep (the wrong thing to do). I started reading information on the plant. Unfortunately I did this in the wrong order. I should have read first…heh. Now I have to wait until […]

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Your own Beans

Today I am sifting and re-sifting through my bag of bean pods. This was the first year that I decided to salvage left over peas and beans and greens from the garden in the fall. I can’t believe I let these things go to waste before! To think that I’ve bought bags of beans for […]

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Elevator Relics

The story of change is as old as the hills. It’s sad when it this obvious. Below are a series of pictures depicting the falling of a local grain elevator and the ending of an era. It says something about the passing of the corner store, small farms, small schools, etc. I have to accept […]

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No-Cost Grain

Remember me digging chicken fodder from a neighbor’s bin? I wasn’t the best because it was a little musty, but good enough for chickens. Today I took my annual trip to the Seed Cleaners. Yah, not the Dry Cleaners.  I called them in February to make sure that their stock of seed grain samples weren’t […]

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Griping to the CCTS

In the comments a bit ago, Naomi suggested that if I was having problems with my iPhone contract I could possibly contact this CCTS for help. I’m always game to try to boil fairness and equity to the surface. My concern: I bought my iPhone so I could take great snaps and videos for my blog  […]

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Technology runs a true course, where a few subscribe to it (usually the wealthy), then a few more, and even more until ‘everyone’ has it. It happened with the light bulb, the telephone, the TV, until we now have our iPods. When the TV came along, we were one of the last to get one. […]

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When Potatoes are $5/lb.

Over our supper of steak, spud and carrot stew Hubby told me some shocking news. He was visiting a couple in town yesterday. The wife had just been out grocery shopping and was peeling 3 potatoes for supper. She told my man that she had just spent $6 on these potatoes…and look here she exclaimed, one of […]

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