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A Series on Log House Building #10

Here are some pictures of how we stacked these square logs up one row at a time. We cut the notches in the corners or where inside walls joined the exterior walls. I regret using a simple square notch system, because of the problems that shrinkage produces. At times gaps were created. We overcame this by […]

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The Fly

   (Nightmare movie from the past)…do you remember this one? One rare night the TV was on. I think it was because we had company over. A movie started. Some dark and daring music filled the room. The black and white screen flashed some bold and eerie lettering: The FLY! Some evil and twisted genius had […]

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Dog Food

We feed our big poochy some unusual things. She decided if it’s worth it. We kept scraps from the deer and elk we hunted last fall. Some of it kept in the freezer and some was preserved in our cheap-as-crazy outdoor freezer (compliments of our northern winter: any box on the porch). The last piece […]

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It can quit now. It’s April 11. Spring.          It’s past time to plant cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower…but they can’t be more than 6 weeks old when transplanting. So when will that be? I’m not counting on anything sooner than the end of May this year. The farmer’s almanac says that April in Western […]

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Tired of Zucchini

I have to admit it. I’ve been overwhelmed with the bounty. Some is starting to spoil.   Everyone I know is so done with helping me to spread the Zucchini joy. In fact they were done months ago. I’ve run out of ideas…well maybe there’s one more.       How about a Lazy Cabbage Roll in a roaster with hamburger […]

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New Seedlings

 It snowed 6″/15cm the other night. The temperature fell to -19C. Purely an ugly April nightmare. There is hope. Hope for spring. Praise God that the seasons still perform there functions. Although there is a ton of white fluff and more angel-dandruff falling by the hour, the ground has little or no frost left in it. […]

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My Comments are Back!

Yipppee, Hurrayy! Wahoooo……….wow. I finally have it fixed, thanks to the determined efforts of a couple of great people. Please comment again. please. I had added an update that involved Captcha as a spam filter. It wasn’t friendly to my site. I deleted it and chose another. That’s it! Be a friend by sharing…

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Popcorn Fiesta

I’m still at it. I’ve been on this popcorn kick for 3-4 months now. A big reason for me is the gluten-free content. I’ve decided to share my newest experiment with you. (Especially for you Connie since you just sent over a sample of your homemade butter. I LOVE butter!) HOT CHILI POPCORN 1 gallon dry popped corn […]

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