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The Doctor was out to Lunch!

It’s been tough to keep up with life this month. It all started with a sore shoulder which radiated downward until it hit my wrist and fingers. I tried to be a hard nut and stick it out no matter the agony. Finally I hit the emergency room. The verdict was that I needed an […]

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My Flowers are Gorgeous

The last two years I had poor flowers. I began to think it was the soil I was using. It was the cheapest thing I could find. This year I experimented and used 1/2 of that rich (in dollars) Miracle Grow dirt. I mixed the two (cheap and expensive)  50-50. What a difference! The plants were at […]

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Baking it

This wasn’t supposed to be a long-drawn out process. Well…yes and no. You have to spend time with Sourdough to make it ‘sour’. I just wasn’t banking on throwing it in the fridge after the first rising. Stuff happens. So now I’ve picked it out of the ‘chiller’ and warming up again in 2 greased baking pans. Remembering […]

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Making my Sourdough Bread

…Yes! Real bread for me? I purchased one teensy-weensy gluten-free loaf from the store for about $8 dollars..choke. I had a weak moment. I wanted bread. Something to make an honest sandwich with. Well. It came with holes so big that the baker could have jumped out of it…except that it was only 3 inches high and 3 […]

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Gluten-Free or Wheatless Sourdough

Here’s the first part of my attempt to make sourdough bread without wheat: The Starter for the Sourdough. I’ve decided to do about half of the recipe because it seems to me that if 85 grams makes a loaf this starter batch with the additional feeding each day will get way ahead of me. This is […]

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Dry Washer Detergent

I’m still learning about this laundry soap. My washer is downstairs in the basement. It’s cool down there. The liquid laundry soap I made gets thicker as it cools. By the time it arrived at the basement temperature it was cool enough to not be cool any more. I couldn’t get it to pour out of […]

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More Dead Birds

I’m so discouraged. I think I lost 2 hens because I let them out to early. It was still cold. With little feathers they didn’t have much cover but I thought they’d have the good sense to stay inside if they weren’t warm…NOT. The dog came dragging one in that looked like a messy rug…and […]

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Making Laundry Soap

Laundry Soap No-no’s

                                Be a friend by sharing…

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