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Orange Elderberry Dressing

Inspired by our need for good health in our lives, I keep making these strange concoctions. Sometimes they taste as good as they are beneficial. I had a part of a jar of Elderberry jelly that I made last year in the fridge that I used as a base for this smart and fruity flavoured […]

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Chicken Tails

Since re-arranging the pecking order the young barred-rocks are so quiet and peaceful. The rooster and his two ‘women’ are content in the pen. The old tyrant that I separated, to see if her bossy attitude might get pinched, layed two eggs in three days. I didn’t have the heart to butcher her, so I returned […]

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Pumpkin Fest

Last fall I decided that the garden needed to get smaller. Stick with the basics I told myself. This spring I got excited again Naomi sent me some Golden Hubbard seeds and two kinds of Hulless Pumpkin Seeds. I was looking for a way to get the hulls off of those seeds so they were […]

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Planting My Babies

I’ve had enough of the guess-work. I don’t see minus anything in the forecast so my tomatoes, corn and cabbages are going out to their new garden home. I’m crossing my fingers. If it isn’t safe by now, when will it ever be? The tomatoes are getting yellow leaves. I’d say it’s from a lack of […]

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Hardening the Transplants

That  time of year has almost arrived when I don’t have to keep dragging the little plants indoors, then outdoors, and back and forth every time the temperature dips. This last time around I got lazy and was hoping the thermometer would be kind, but a check in the middle of the night proved otherwise. It […]

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Pretty Spring Things

                          Be a friend by sharing…

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Re-Arranging the Pecking Order

Since I put the pasture chickens out, something crazy has been going on. For one the Rooster is hiding in the nest box and the hens aren’t laying at all! After two days  of this I’ve got another plan. I think he’s hen pecked and terrified of the older brown hens. I don’t know how […]

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Peas Are Up!

The ones I planted on the 7th and 8th of May. Up and 3 inches high already. It’s so nice to see the little green soldiers all in rows. It looks so much better than the flat beds of brown dirt with sticks at the end of each.  It was still too wet to get into […]

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