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Landscaping #4

This is to finish the landscaping project/article I was working on earlier this summer. Alas, summer was bizzy and I’m only now getting back to the fun I had. So…after the landscaping material is in place, you need something to hold it down asap or the wind will roll it up like a sausage and blow […]

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Eating your Pet?

This is going to be controversial, but whatever. I’m writing this in Remembrance of those who have gone before me, whether in war, of even as my ancestors who have gone through horrible moments to make my life possible I’ve asked myself this question and contemplating the balances for years. To be self-sufficient, food wise, I thought […]

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Oaty-Banana-Nut cookies…

… but this isn’t really about another recipe. Today I’m making Oaty-Banana-Nut Cookies. No recipe remember (heheh). I stirred up a quadruple batch because I’m…nuts. Then my quandary over cookie shapes came again. Which tastes better – round cookies or square cookies? I started cutting corners a long time ago and discovered how much cheaper and time efficient […]

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