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making-the bay-window

A Series on Log House Building #14

The BAY WINDOW I told ‘the man’ how big I wanted the window. He cut the hole and we covered it for the winter. We put insulation over the floor area and covered the areas near the open gable ends with plastic since the snow would blow inside somewhat. I was tired of babysitting the […]

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Hubbard techniques

This video is so fun and right down my alley. Since the Hubbard can grow so big you can hardly lift it, this is the absolutely most PERFECT way to split it down to size. >>>    How to cut a Hubbard Squash *   The only problem I had was to find the right window. One without […]

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Ban Ray Ban

The laugh is on the Ray Ban scam. One of their spams came through on this site. They said  how totally wonderful a post was…and so very helpful (harhar). They apparently also find their sunglasses to be nearly as wonderful. Any ideas which of the posts was so helpful? The one on Eating Weeds !  I wonder […]

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Where are the Birds?

The landscape is a frozen sheet of white. The wind is biting at my face mercilessly. I can’t help but wonder where the birds are hiding. In my fluffy big parka and layers I can only stand but little of the this icy chill. What does a little Chickadee do to survive? They eat and […]

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Getting to the Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day. This is the closest subject as I can think of - that has to do with hearts and such. We eat them. I can barely believe it myself. Heart is worse than a tongue and better by far than liver (in my biased opinion). Hubby likes it stuffed (the good part is the stuffing of […]

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Hurricane Force Storm

We had a real freak of a storm in January. The power was out, but not that I really cared - in the beginning. My lamps were aglow and the fire was crackling in the wood cook stove. The wind blew so hard I could hear it roaring inside the log walls of our house. Even […]

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Landscaping #5

WHAT NOT TO DO: Wendy asked if I worried about the trash build-up on the surface of the bed… My answer: It’s in an open area. The flowering plants leave the most behind so I cut off the dead top growth before winter. The fruit tree leaves will hopefully blow away in the wind. Some […]

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