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The New Chicks

The most amazing things about having a sea of yellow fluff in the chicken house is how much time I can spend there while outside the door the grass keeps growing, the meals go unmade, the phone doesn’t get answered, the sun rise and sets… The mail arrived  at noon with 52 (2 are extra […]

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Mousey Heaven

The Mousey Heaven was in my parsnip patch last winter. My Mom’s yard was so riddled with tunnels and mines I was shocked…and so was she !! The only good thing about she figures is that she didn’t know she was completely surrounded by the varmints. I just realized I have some stories I haven’t published about […]

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A Unique Flavour

I had one lonely half of an apple on the counter and a dried and shrivelled up old lemon. “You look like you would make a pair” I said to them. So I bagged them together and left the apple to moisten the lemon, hoping I might be able to get a knife through it […]

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