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The Longest Day

The longest day of the year has arrived. I stayed up all night to see where the sun went… …then it dawned on me. Be a friend by sharing…

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The New Hatch

Babies add joy to my life. My 50 chicks are almost 2 weeks old and eating  over a gallon of ground up alfalfa, clovers, and dandelion greens….phew!…a lot of work for me and my blender. These young plants have about an 18% protein content which, if supplemented with a small portion of fishmeal or other […]

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I was a Brownie

I had a few special privileges when I was growing up. Being in a Brownie pack was one. That sounds strange when I think of a brownie, now, as a sweet and gooey baked desert. Anyway, I obviously wasn’t that kind of brownie. I don’t think I had a uniform right off, so I would […]

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Shetland in Town

As a little girl I had dreams about horses and riding them. These dreams were likely based on a book I once read called “Black Beauty”. The book was narrated from a horse’s perspective. This Black Beauty was a good-natured horse that had been told by his mother to always do his best to please […]

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Huh? It’s June 4. The moral of the day is: Be careful what you pray for. I prayed for moisture. I got it. At 6 am it was only three degrees C above the freezing mark!     I planted my corn, tomato and flower transplants just 4 days ago. The corn is sagging–ewwwh!   […]

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