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Pasture Poultry gets out

Two homemade pasture poultry pens

I’m sure the hens are glad to be out on new ground. They get the fenced in area around the coop pretty churned up. Their favorite pastime on a dry day is to scratch out bowl-shaped holes in the ground. They then lay every which way as they scratch and scuffle and fluff around in the most humorous fashion. The dust flies everywhere. I wonder why they do that? I know it pleases them because those are the days that they lay the most eggs.

Because of this funny exercise and that of scratching in everything in sight, they make wonderful composters.
                                                                                              Pasture poultry pen
I came to this conclusion when I moved them into their pasture pen, that the rooster’s got to go to heaven. I try to move them cautiously because it doesn’t take much to ruin the day’s egg production if the hen’s get razzed. I liked the old boy originally because of his beautiful colors. He’s from Bantam stock. I was hoping his ‘kids’ would be good setters. Bantam is an original breed that does this well.  Never mind wondering what he looks like – he’s so skittish it’s hard to get a picture of him. I have just one of him on the move. He’s a fuzzy blur.
Rooster and hens going into coop
 He even hides in the nest box when he sees me coming. Since that’s where I’m destined to go as well, he gets suddenly surprised and tries to bust all the eggs in his hurry put space between us. He’s a true chicken. I would like a calmer rooster that wouldn’t get the hens all worked up over nothing. When the hens moved a slow pace, he was darting in and out of them like a trapped and frantic wild animal. I got him from somewhere else so I’m not sure if he was always that way.
I plan to get some new laying stock, probably Barred Rocks late summer. I’d rather have them earlier but that’s when they are being raised at the hatchery. There’s still a tiny little option that I might find a couple of hens that want to set after all from among the ones I already have.
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17 Responses to “Pasture Poultry gets out”

  1. Ha haha aha!! I laughed so hard at that image. The Rooster darting in and out like a trapped and frantic wild animal. I have dated a guy like that. Do the ladies a favor. Send him down the road LOL he is scared of women.

    • sherry says:

      I wondered for months if he was scared of the hens, but I caught him in the act once (busted!). He must have an understanding with them – “When Sherry comes, look innocent”.

      • sherry says:

        I’m having second thoughts about my power to ‘off’another creature so easily. I’ll ask the neighbor if she wants him back and then it will be off of my conscience and the deed will get done. We have a joke around here about how if we get 13 eggs, when there’s only 12 hens, that he’s started to lay. With all this mythology around him, it makes it tough – but I’ll get over it.

        • What caused the second thoughts about your power to off creatures so easily, as you say.

          • sherry says:

            I’m on again. When I was trying to decide for sure, I remembered a story from my past, about someone that did a cruel thing to some animals. I began to wonder if I was any different. Now I’ve decided that it depends on whether I like to do it, or whether I need to do it. It’s better now if I do it.

        • What if you set him free to seek his fortune? lol

          • sherry says:

            Can’t do that, because it would attract the coyotes and the dog would have a free-for-all. That would not be good. Hubby says it’s going to the stew pot so we can get back what we put into him for the last 1/2 year.

        • What does it cost to buy and raise an average hen to eat, any idea? Is it cheaper than buying in the store?

          • sherry says:

            I just about dropped over when I realized these that I got cost $2 each. I raise them to 3-5 lbs. I think they’d cost about $3.50 each when done. That’s pretty good for organic chicken, but that gives a person nothing for your work and pen and starting pen and so on.

  2. I pay $15.00 apiece for my Organic Air Chilled Chickens from Whole Foods. Crazy. They are at least plucked and ready to roast. I would say you are doing good at twice the price. Yours will be Organic? Yay! Can you save a couple in case I come up and I will buy them from you and eat ‘em! With some chard :) :)
    Oh I didnt mention that the ones I eat are a fairly good size, so I dont know about this variety.

    • sherry says:

      What does ‘Air Chilled’ mean. They let the wind blow through? Mine aren’t organic, because I start them with boughten ration. I get them on to other food as soon as I can. Are you thinking like you would like to help butcher too? Do you know the story of the Little Red Hen?

      • That’s pretty good – are you saying you switch to organic feed once you get them? And you do t give them antibiotics and all that stuff right. Do they get grain or how does that work?
        I was thinking of buying from the little red hen, of course. I’m allergic to feathers. And last time I saw a chicken butchered I couldn’t eat it for 2 years. So that’s out. I am willing to trade my hard earned cash. :) Alternatively we make Mike dress it. Hee hee…

        • sherry says:

          They don’t get anything until I get them. Then they get some medicated feed for a while, and I start them on grass when they’re 2 days old as well as the feed. After a few weeks they get boughten feed without any medication, grain and grass. I try to force the grass as much as possible, but this breed are real ‘pigs’ for the purchased stuff.
          There was a woman from the past that was a city gal that knew nothing about cooking chicken straight from the coop, but it wasn’t her fault. She cooked it with the guts in…..ewwwh. You think you could get turned off!!


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