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Back to the garden.



Dandelions in strawberries






Last Monday when I was weeding the strawberries I noticed the east wind was whipping into the berry patch. Every dandelion I threw east wanted to come back at me. I pushed my project of weeding to the max. I knew an east wind can bring inclement weather.                                                                       

                                                                                                                                     The soil was very dry. My plan was to rid the strawberry patch of weeds and get the water pump and hoses set up to take water from the dugout and relieve their stressed


Strawberries begin to bloom

 Between me yanking and tossing weeds and Hubby watering we managed to get the job done as the first few sprinkles started from the heavens. The blooms are starting to appear. That makes this clean-up a timely event especially since I crawl all over them to save my back from all the leaning that would otherwise take place. 


One row of white and two rows of red

It looks like a huge patch, but just ask yourself how many strawberries you would like to eat fresh off your own land, and it could add up fast.

Did you know that you can grow white strawberries? You might wonder why anyone would. I do, and this is my reason: The red ones are colorful, tasty, big. The white ones are not colorful (but unique), different tasting (not as good), but wow – they grow a large volume and spread faster than bad news. Plus, I got them free and that made it worth the trial. I still prefer the sweet and condensed flavour of the wild ones, but I just can’t find enough

There are  many ways to grow things like strawberries in a small space too: hanging baskets, shelves, among your flowers…maybe even from your drainspouts – hey, there’s a challenge for you!

Never say never.

The ‘inclement’ weather came, but I was so busy and excited about chicks that I just kicked my heels at the dowdy weather. We got a three day’er. I need to explain that another time.



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15 Responses to “Back to the garden.”

  1. Naomi says:

    Do you have problems with birds eating your strawberries? If so, do they eat the white ones?
    Some day, when you have so many you don’t know what to do with them, do you think I could have a plant?

    • sherry says:

      Apparently Robin’s pick them. I’ve never caught anything in the act, but something does once in awhile. I believe it’s the ants attracted by the sweet ones.They instinctively know which ones are the tastiest!

  2. Interesting how the white berries grow at a faster rate. Apparently the color in the berries is a powerful anti cancer anti aging nutrient – according to what I read on google. Just wondering if the white berries have anything special to note. Do they look like they are unripe? I really need to see this.

    • sherry says:

      Yes they look unripe. Isn’t it strange how nothing has everything? Red rhubarb is sweeter, but it grows slower…I’m sure there will be pictures in one month-that’s how long it takes after the first blooms.

      • That is a really profound thought. I was thinking about that this very evening as I was trying to vectorize my logo sketch. In the settings panel, I could choose a variety of levels to play with in order to get it to recognize and convert the entire drawing. If I went high on something I lost it on another area. If I went too long it was too short somewhere else. Like a danged seesaw. After half and hour of this I started to think about life. Everything is a trade off. You work hard and make a lot of money but have no time to enjoy it. You have a lot of leisure time and no job but you have no money to enjoy it. I got to thinking. If that is really a law of the universe, what does this mean? When you win something, you have to lose somewhere else? Deep deep thoughts…

  3. Anonymous says:

    My mom in law says that you can paint little stones red and put them in your strawberry patch. It confuses the birds, apparently.

    • sherry says:

      That gives me a great idea for a project for little kids: painting little rocks, which I have a lot of, red. I wonder if a person can make a paint out of something red. That would be fun. I know a stain can be made out of things like pennies and vinegar and so on. hmmm.
      Ha! I just remembered a dog we used to have (and adored). He ate everything. He got tested on everything: how much he could eat (he was bottomless), what he would eat (anything – even rocks), etc.

  4. Judy says:

    I grew hanging strawberry baskets this year in our Greenhouse, i’ll have to check sales to see if they are going out the door. By mid May they were ripening up. I also grew them in Strawberry pots (don’t care for these much as they don’t have good drainage) with chocolate mint, an excellent combination. We also potted up 500 one gallon size with 5 slips in each, as last season we sold out at 350 by mid May. Well who doesn’t love strawberries. Guess what I noticed. Wonder if it is my imagination. Frozen strawberries, non organic when thawed are horribly slimy. Didn’t note that with the organic ones….hmmm

    • sherry says:

      Really?! Weird about the strawberries being slimy. I haven’t had any boughten ones. Why does the mint and strawberries do well together? One gives ground cover and green fill???

  5. Anonymous says:

    What do I think. I think I like strawberries. Is there an organic strawberry farm near me, out here in Whitecourt?

    • sherry says:

      I am assuming you can’t grow yours…maybe not enough – that it! Follow me on pinterest they have some darling ideas of how to grow things. You can stack these “window boxes’ up above each other against a fence just slighlty tilted. You can have a whole wall of them, teehee. then there’s the other fence and the house wall …wahoo!

  6. Sherry I do follow you on pinterest and saw your cute pinned wall of birdhouses.
    And lots of other really COOL STUFF especially the DIY section.

    • sherry says:

      There not the kind of birdhouses I make, but yes they are cute. I think every birdhouse should be unique. Mine are very rustic in comparison. I have been selling them without taking pictures. That has become a habit I guess. Now that I have this new iphone I’d better smarten up. What is DIY?


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