The Robin’s nest


I debated  whether to put this in the catagory “using nature”, because who would want to use Robin’s eggs for anything except a viewing pleasure, but realistically they could be used if you were hungry enough. I hope I never have to eat them. They are such a beautiful deep sky blue, and the more Robin’s chirping around my house the better. I’ll share my worms with them anyday!


She nested in the fencing trailer 


She nested on top of the wheel

I’ll take more pictures as they develop. 

 Mommy bird chose a good dry home. I guess she thinks we don’t want to go fencing with our fencing wagon anyway. Two cheers for Hubby who found these. At least I don’t have to climb a tree to see them.


 Aren’t they so adorable? I want to touch them, but dare not, because she might disown them if i do.

16 Responses to “The Robin’s nest”

  1. Eeee!! What a FIND! Love love love Robins eggs. Haven’t seen those since I was a child. I bet he was excited to show you.

  2. Naomi says:

    I am going to assume that you don’t have cats around.
    What a dream to be able to watch a nest without having to climb a tree. I wish you could put a remote camera on it! Wouldn’t that be sweet?

  3. Wendy says:

    I saw a half a robin egg while on a walk. I wondered if it had blown down from a windy day or if it had hatched out and that was the discarded eggshell. I am assuming it is too early for hatching…

    If you needed to, you could protect the area with chicken wire that is large enough to keep out a cat and small enough for the robin to enter.

    Or resort to the high powered squirt gun to deter the cat from the yard. But that’s for fun. Cats will puruse your property at 4 a.m. That’s when my neighbour’s cat eyes up the birds in my yard.

    An automatic sprinkler system is great, and is activated by movement…gives the cat a wet hair do by surprise! And you, too, if you don’t shut it off when you are out n bout.

    • sherry says:

      That’s true..if she nests in an appropriate place :) There’s a Robin still trying to decide where she should build hers in our barn, so some are later than others! I’m tempted to do a blog on her comical efforts

  4. I suggested chicken wire but Sherry said the bird couldn’t get in. I am thinking it depends upon the size of gaps in the chicken wire. Maybe you could wet down the cat (see above LOL) and slide it through just to check it out. H aha


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