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More Robin Eggs

Do all Robin’s lay 4 eggs? This is the second nest with 4 eggs. It was right under my nose in the yard. This nest is higher than the last one that got emptied, so it should be fine. It’s in a bushy spruce about 4′ off the ground, so I won’t have to get out the ladder :)  I’m going to watch it to see when they hatch.



Four More Robin’s Eggs in a Tree

Anybody want to donate a webcam? Kidding, but it would be fascinating, huh?

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15 Responses to “More Robin Eggs”

  1. Hurray! More Robins eggs :) Well I dont know much about setting up a webcam for this and I have a link but the Blog won’t let me paste it. I googled ‘how to set up a webcam to watch birds’.

  2. If you know exactly what kind of equipment, maybe we can look for something salvage.

  3. Wendy says:

    I’m sorry about the little egs gone by, and happy for the eggs anew! I sure hope this batch is safe! I’d be tempted to protect them but its probably not necessary. And to think any survive at all. Yet each spring the Robins emerge, pleasurably singing and my favorite: when they wait on the fence until the garden is done being rotatilled. Its such a satisfying site to see them splurge on worms.

    • sherry says:

      Makes me wonder what they like in those worms. They eat them in other countries don’t they? Sorry…I’m a survivalist.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A webcam is a fantastic idea!
    I googled ‘Robin nest egg’ and looked at the images. Most nests seem to have 3 or 4 eggs in them, but I saw one with 5 eggs and one with 6.
    4 was most common. I think it’s a comfortable number to lay on and not so many that it’s too hard to feed them all when they come out.

    • sherry says:

      I would like to get in mama birds head. They are comical creatures. I HAVE to blog on the nests…yes nestssss that one is making.

  5. Nadine says:

    Such good news. I was sad about the empty nest.

  6. wendy says:

    A particular primary song has come to mind…”…in the leafy tree tops the birds sing good morning…they’re first to see the sun, they must tell everyone, in the leafy tree tops the birds sing good morning..”

    They woke me up. What a pleasant way to start the day!

    • sherry says:

      I’m glad to know that you get to hear them too. I keep wanting to ‘can’ some of that music (to share of course).

  7. Carmen says:

    Love it! That pic is awesome!


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