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Video: All four Robin’s hatched

You can sure tell who’s the eldest of the four Robins. It’s the hungriest. I can hardly keep myself from touching their fuzzy little naked  bodies, but I know I dare not. I don’t want the mamma to desert them.

The Video.

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16 Responses to “Video: All four Robin’s hatched”

  1. Shriek! How many people get to see THAT! And to get up that close – well that’s just amazing – what a treat! they can’t be more than a few hours old in the video I am guessing? When they are done with the neat are you going to save it? Cuz if not I would like it! I used to collect all kinds of nests. My favorite were those teeny little hornets nests. I would out them in the corners of my Daddy’s miniature cabins. Ah the memories this brings back about nests! :)

    • sherry says:

      I know – it’s so great to witness this.They are a few hours to 3 days old between the 4 of them. It seems the robin must have set on them as she layed them – one day at a time. About the nest: I thought I’d make a birdhouse with a clear side, put the nest inside, make that clear side the back that’s against a wall. Then once the mother bird had flown away, the little cheapers could be viewed by turning the house around. Wouldn’t that be swell? Robins are a bird that will adopt an old nest occassionally. If you want a nest I can find you one. After all you guessed the length of the fish, right?

  2. Wendy says:

    Oh, they are so alien cute! I wanted to reach right through the video and rub the little underside of their throats with my finger. It’d be fun to get a big ol juicy earthworm and be the momma for a moment. How irrestible! Wouldn’t it be funny if the one opens its eyes and sees YOU first? “Are you my momma?” it asks. Almost makes one want to put a little leg band on it and a tracking device to see where it goes and such. Ah, but the simple freedom is sweeter yet, and thanks for the little sneak peak!


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