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Surprise-5 Blackbirds

They are so teeny as you can see by my finger which I purposely put as close to them as possible without touching them. The parents are mad again of course, but they should be thanking me that I didn’t mow them along with the grass around the tree. Beside – now everyone can celebrate with them.


A Whole Nest Full


Five Blackbird Babies

                On the left you can see the open beak – the only distinguishable feature. On the right (taken a little later) you can see what looks like a wing just above my finger with a head just to the right of that.It seems that whereas the robin had hers hatch one day at a time, the Blackbird hatched all hers within a day. I would have had to check on them hourly to see an egg opening. I think I would have been pecked to death if I did that!I’ve seen Raven’s flying by with 4 or more little birds diving them. If it didn’t hurt I’m sure the Raven’s would pay very little attention to them. Raven’s eat the eggs of small birds, so the whole community gangs up on them.

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13 Responses to “Surprise-5 Blackbirds”

  1. WOW TINY! That helped to see the scale. I had no idea that birds of other types would get together to protect anothers chicks. Sounds like the Ravens are not well liked.
    I see that you are wondering how much damage a birds beak could do to your scalp and I suspect you may be wearing a hood today!
    It just looks like a wad of feathers with one open beak. That chick is the poster child for HUNGER. lol

  2. Wendy says:

    All combined, they look like one fuzzy unopened crocus flower. Sort of. What a sight that critter is with a gaping mouth and large buggy eyes. Did it hear you and then open for dinner? Reminds me of one of my children, at a much younger age.

    • sherry says:

      hahaha! It does bear some resemblance to human nature. They hear something move and figure it’s there turn. The parents don’t worry about who they fed last. They just stuff the open mouths.

      • Sure does. Nature for all it’s beauty is very selfish. The loudest most selfish most demanding gets the most food and grows the biggest. The better hunters kill the most prey and live the longest. People are still a lot like the wildlife. This world is no ace for a kindler gentler soul.

        • sherry says:

          That why I race with a goal in mind other than for this world. I love what I can of it, in the meantime. There’s still lots to love, thankfully

          • Yup. Plants. When is the last time yoh saw a plant lurk in a watering hole and then attack and eat another plant live when it comes to drink.

            • sherry says:

              Plants-generally considered freindly, especially the one that eats flys, or the poisonous ones, huh. Lovely but poisonous: Lupins, Delphiniums, Monkshood, Tomato leaves…

  3. Carmen says:

    Whaaat? I didn’t know delphiniums, lupins and tomato leaves are poisonous…now I have to add that to the lilly of the valley and asparagus plants in my backyard for which to watch Marshall around….man everything is poisonous. Here I was just telling Rob the other day that there are lots of plants that are poisonous, when he asked why I am keeping a poisonous plant in the backyard, but I didn’t know I actually have at least 5 of them. lol. Eeeep! But hey…. if we lived out of the city we’d have to contend with the entire poisonous “backcountry”.


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