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Bombing Blackbirds


Robins are really growing


No wonder “curiosity killed the cat” as the saying goes. I stuck my nose in where it didn’t belong today. Robins just take off when you approach. NOT Blackbirds. They are aggressive little things. They scare me slightly. I thought I should check to see how they were doing since the Robins are getting huge…well relatively speaking.


This time I made sure I had a hat on and camera ready.




The Video: WW3 with the Blackbirds:

Each type of bird has their own talents and habits. Where the Blackbirds hatch all at one and attack predators (like me), the Robins hatch a day at a time and run when I come around.

A mother Robin has entertained us with her antics. Papa bird comes along with a mouth full of grasses/mud for the nest. She picks it up and sticks it into the nest, scuffs around a bit and inspects it. Papa brings another gob of stuff and she takes one look at it and throws it over the side. Sometimes she uses it and sometimes she ‘chucks’ it.


Four Nest in a Row



One day she will start a nest and the next day she decides that’s no good and moves a few more feet away to start another one. It is usually farther into construction than the first one when she decides that’s no good either. A bird that was trying to nest in our barn did this twice and then left. She’d eyed Hubby for several days and then had enough and left. There’s one with a few eggs in a nest under our veranda roof now. It was an adventure in thought to watch her build 4 nests before she settled on the fifth one! Every nook under our that roof is almost taken up with nests now. I wish I could get inside their heads…or maybe I’ve got enough of my own decisions.
After the young birds are hatched, both parents get very busy with looking for worms and insects. The bigger the babies get the harder the parents work at it. They are very organized by the look of it. I watched long enough to see the one bird settle on the tip-top of a nearby spruce tree to check out the security of the ‘route’ while the second bird made it’s way toward the family’s ‘tree house’. It entered an adjacent tree and after a few moments, slipped quickly into the tree with the nest. That was a very clever trick I thought. When that bird sprang from the nest again it flew of a fair distance and dropped something. Guess what?

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2 Responses to “Bombing Blackbirds”

  1. Naomi says:

    They like to drop their egg shells as far as they can from the nest. They are pretty clever. It’s fascinating that they make so many nests before they decide to settle in. At least they don’t do that after the chicks are hatched! That would be awkward.


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