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Getting the Feathers Off


Immediately after beheading or sticking a chicken you have to get the guts out asap. I have to get some feathers off first so I can tell where I’m going. (Click on pictures to enlarge them)

1. Stick the knife upside down under the skin at the knuckle of the leg and cut towards the base of the thigh (away from yourself) on the inside of the leg.


#1 Cut toward thigh



2. Use your fingers to pull the skin away from the flesh as much as possible.


#2 After cutting on leg, peel skin loose











3. In some places, especially on the back, you will likely need a knife to aid you. Make short careful slices where the flesh and skin meet (see the line).


#3 Cut between skin and flesh while pulling





4.Pull the skin away from the leg, thigh and around the butt end as much as possible.


5. Grab the skin near the butt hole and pull it up and away from the bird. Cut with a knife in a circular pattern around the butt hole being careful to cut straight down and not inwardly. You don’t want to cut the bowel intestine that delivers the poop to the outside world. If you mess up, oh’s a mess, but keep going. Everything gets washed in the end. The picture has an arrow and the words “to back”.


Continue around the intestinal outlet


#5 Cut around the butt hole (X)










6. Reach in the open hole (Yes you have to). If it isn’t big enough to get your hand inside, then slice it larger. Pull out everything that you can from the inside. I sliced the whole side of the bird open so that you can see how the organs lay. ‘A’ is the 2-lobed liver: Once the liver comes out and you turn it over, there is a green gall sack attached. Don’t cut this. Cut a wide swath around it instead to free the liver. Any gall on any of the meat will make it taste absolutely horrible!; ‘B’ is the heart (the farthest in, shown with white dot and arrow); ‘C’ is the gizzard which grinds the food. I keep all these as the above as they are edible.


#6 The Heart at top, then liver and gizzard


#6 Reach in and pull out the intestines, etc












After removing the insides, and removing all the skins and feathers , you have a naked bird that needs to be cooled and stored unless you’d like to make it into pieces. If you want more help, check out the next post, where I will have some picture and information on that and more…

 Ugly isn’t it?!!   



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7 Responses to “Getting the Feathers Off”

  1. Anna-Marie White says:

    With the feathers on. Thats actually a great idea, so you just rip the skin off and the feathers with it?

  2. Naomi says:

    All that egg eating didn’t make him very fat.

  3. Naomi says:

    It sounds like you might need a nanny cam.

  4. Naomi says:

    So true.


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