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A Series on Log House Building, #6

 The basement had long since been made and covered, but the package was taking forever to arrive. Well, we tried to cover it, but there was always someplace wanting to leak. I had a bunch of canning and things stored in it, thinking that it wouldn’t be long before the house would be built on top. No such luck. I was always worried that something was going to  get destroyed.

He took a long time to get it done, but finally he called us to come and pick up the logs.We had been hauling logs, so we had a log picker truck available.


Log Picker Truck

The logs arrived home. Hubby and I were both very excited. The guy was to build the walls and help with the roof frame-work. The walls went up.

The whole story goes downhill after that. In the end I figured out that he didn’t know how to build a roof. The walls were nice. We couldn’t find anyone that wanted to finish another person’s work. We knew we would struggle to deal with the roundness of the logs and the fact that they were uneven at the top of the wall. It didn’t take long to realize that the only way out for us was to sell the package to someone who knew how to build a round log house. Gratefully it didn’t take long to sell.

We made a plan ‘B’. We bought a block of timber from the government. We scouted out a good patch. We would need very big, straight and long trees. One very difficult part was that we bought the timber in the summer, logged it in the winter, and so we couldn’t start building until the next summer.

In my ‘not-so-spare’ time, during the winter, I made house plans that could fit on an existing basement. I also worked for about 3 months in the bush – helping with the logging. Some of the trees were for sale. We kept the best ones for our future home. I ran the skidder, pulling trees. I got my exercise!

We were still living in that small log cabin with no water or sewer…well we did have an outhouse and a cistern. I’m not complaining – just saying that it was unforseen how long this all could take.


Log Deck of Large Trees

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