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I Cook in a Big Way too

Example: I’m making hamburgers. I get out 6 pounds or 2 1/2 kg (It’s all a guess, but you’ll get the picture soon enough). I have big bowls and pots of all descriptions. I pick a big metal bowl to mix the burgers material in. It’s about a …boy I hate this duplication in measurements. Can’t we all know what a foot is? Maybe I should refer to sizes a different way: I get a bowl out as big around as the hole in a toilet seat, hah!


Pots and Pans Pantry

In this batch I have some deer hamburger tamed with some beef. I don’t use too much garlic with deer because garlic is a flavour enhancer and you don’t want to do that to deer. I use tons of onion sometimes instead, but in this case prefer onion powder because I want it to stick together. Chunks of onions make it …uhh..want to fall apart. I like my personal cajun spice blend with extra salt and pepper. I threw in some oatmeal for some reason. Oh yes – it’s because it makes the meat go farther…even crushed crackers will do that. I think it will give it a ‘toastier’ taste too. Toasted oats or toasty crackers.

It’s a big job so it get in with all fours..I mean all 10 fingers. Squish, squish, push, squish..While I’m squishing I’m thinking about how warm it is outside. Hey! I think I could use the BBQ. It’s got a large surface. After getting the BBQ up to speed, I return to the kitchen. I study the huge mass of mushy red madness – am I really going to spend hours turning burgers? Then cazamm - it hits me what I should do. I go for the cookie sheets. They get oiled heavily. I plaster 1/2 of the squished stuff onto each sheet. It seems pretty sticky and won’t  leave my fingers alone. I pat some oil on top and grab the rolling pin. Wow does that work good! It all get flattened perfectly even and it’s crazy how it’s exactly the right thickness for a hamburger patty and completely fill both pans evenly. It’s like …spooky how that came together.


The biggest rectangular burgers ever

I take the 2 trays out to the BBQ. Will it fit on there? Golly! They both look like they’ll just make it with one pan on each side. Now for the big flip. It started to peel of the first pan slowly. Very slowly and then let go so nicely. It ended up nearer to the back by and inch than I wanted, but it was OK. I followed with the next pan. Well this will save on propane and time for sure.

That’s what get’s me going – when creativity, luck, and help from above all come together in two successful rectangular hamburgers the size of  cookie sheets.

While I leave it for about 10 minutes my mind is racing. I have to think of something to flip it with. By this time Hubby is enthused: “Try two of you biggest flippers” he suggest. I see failure looming. I see the thing getting half way over, splitting in many fractions, falling over the side, the dog licking it up before my stupefied eyes. No – I’d better be safe. I would cut them. It will have to be in squares, but that’s actually perfect. Why do people make round burgers anyway? We often use homemade bread which is more square… so they will match each other perfectly.

I quickly washed off one of the trays and headed out with a knife and a single ‘flipper’. I cut and turned them, waited another 5 minutes*, loaded them up and was done. I had enough burgers for days of hamburger eating.


Square Hamburger Patties

The reason for the this kind of wacky cooking: there’s never enough time in life for all the good things I want to do. It takes less dishes and washing, time and effort to do a big batch than it does to do several small ones. If you try to make your own food from scratch it can be time consuming if you don’t cut some corners. I love my freezer because it lets me put in big batches of things and them gives them effortlessly back to me when I don’t feel like spending all day to make meals. Kisses and hugs to it!






* Cook according to your BBQ instructions and  in a food safe manner.


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17 Responses to “I Cook in a Big Way too”

  1. Anna-Marie White says:

    Ha ha well that was very descriptive, I felt like I was standing right there. WHAM! Burgers. I wondered how you get so much done!
    FYI, the reason you use cracker or bread crumbs is because they create a very moist burger or meatloaf which has a great deal of forgiveness in the cooking. Egg adds flavor but makes it tougher. And there you have it. So, you never mentioned, how did it taste?
    You know what I want to learn to make. My own HP Sauce. Do you have any good homemade sauces?
    I hear you when it comes to cooking from scratch. I do most everything that way (well I don’t kill my own hens or butcher my own deer haha) but that takes forevvveeerrrrrr….A whole afternoon just to make ketchup. After awhile you just get tired and want someone else to make it for you. lol. But no restaurants for me.

    • sherry says:

      If I can make Brown Pickle I should be able to make HP Sauce. I’ve been making all the salad dressings-the other day I made Caesar. Sauces…it might be best to tell me what kind you have in mind, for what food you are working with. I might think of one I have done or invent one for you to try. Howbouthat?

    • sherry says:

      Oh – well it tasted like bbq’d burgers. I’ve usual got the taste the way I want it so I never think to mention it unless it turns out bad…in which case I give a warning.

  2. Anna-Marie White says:

    By the way your bread is pretty danged PERFECT! I am thinking maybe its time for a bread baking day!

  3. Anna-Marie White says:

    Yes, I would LOVE to make some HP or A1 Sauce. A good steak sauce like that, not a BBQ sauce :) Think we can figure it out?
    I know it is predominantly raisins and maybe some ketchup. And I have no luck with mustard dressings, they never taste at all like the store brands.
    Also I do not know what Brown Pickle is….

    • sherry says:

      I’ll consider this HP thing – I’m up for the challenge! I might get a chance yet to enlighten you on the Brown Pickle – I think it’s you’ll like it.

  4. Judy says:

    If egg makes the hamburger tougher, and you don’t want that, what could you use? Is the egg used for the purpose of binding?

    • sherry says:

      Egg is a binder. I haven’t known it to make it tough, but wheat flour can be used because of it’s sticky-glutinish effect, or if you can’t have that, I would add a little guar gum,xanthum gum or even ground flax seed.

      • Judy says:

        well I’ll stick with eggs to bind them them, and avoid the guar gum, as I find it a bit bitter and tricky to work with.

        • sherry says:

          I hear you on that one. I don’t like the flavour of it much.

          • Judy says:

            I mixed it with miracle whip, and with only half the herbs required, it was not too bad. I actually used most of it today between Reese and I as we like a lot of flavors, and with the added fat….who can say no? We had it on our yams and chicken twice, and it’s almost gone. I would do it again and use less mustard and use cayenne for part of the chipotle and I plan to. Thanks again for the inspiration

            • sherry says:

              The cayenne is easy to alter to your preferences. It sure perks things up anyway. Thanks for the input you Mayo fan!

  5. Judy says:

    oh and do you freeze your burgers after they are cooked? I do and then I steam them, because I don’t enjoy cooking meat everyday. We are meat eaters in this family and I like to keep it simple.


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