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Weird and Wonderful Garden updates

 The ground cherries are finally picking up the pace. I left the garden gloves beside the one in the picture so you don’t get the idea that it’s huge or anything. I’m not believing they will make anything before the snowballs fly.

Dare I speak of the Jerusalem Artichokechoke. The taller they get the more concerned I am that they might actually do well. Everyone has me worried now that I’ll blow up with gas if I eat them and that they will take over my garden like a weed. It’s a complex delirium I’m in. How is it that what I don’t want is growing as fast as an elephant, and what I really want is as tiny as a mite? I’ll have to wait it out since I’m in it this far!

This batch shown is about 2/3 rds of the total I planted from 2 lbs of tubers.


Jerusalem Artichokes in Abundance

They are about 8″/20 cm high. I wonder if I’m supposed to hill them..hmmm.I don’t know what possessed me to grow Edamame Beans. They look puny and skinny in comparison to my average String Bean at this point, but they are both almost the same height.


Edamame Beans





The fourth challenge is Kale which is doing well enough that it’s really no challenge at all. Somehow I’m just realizing it’s a close friend to the cabbage. I should have started it indoors the same as the cabbage to have an earlier crop. It grows rather slowly – not nearly as fast as lettuce for sure. But I know one thing: It will get seeded this fall with the lettuce so that I get a super early and juicy batch right of the bat in the spring when the snow departs.


Kale in the Garden

 Nice and tall in the upper left background are some of the Beefsteak and Roma Tomatoes I  grew from last year’s seed. To the right and farther back is the corn which is doing stupendously! It must be about 2′ high already. To the right are more of those confounded Jerusalem Artichokes.

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6 Responses to “Weird and Wonderful Garden updates”

  1. Anna-Marie White says:

    Confounded LOL. YOu realize by now that everything bad grows fast and everything really good grows slowly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t find kale seed anywhere this spring in time to plant it, so I never got around to it. I will have to grow it next year.
    I’ve not tried growing beefsteak from last year’s seeds, but I did grow grape tomatoes that way. My friends and I were at a dinner that had grape tomatoes as part of the salad. They were all marveling over the taste, so I said that I would try growing them from the seed. They acted like they were seeing some sort of taboo magic trick as I saved some seeds in a napkin…sort of along the lines of how a friend might react if you told them you dumpster dove.
    The tomatoes grew well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can you keep your Jerusalem Artichokes from seeding this fall so you don’t have them spreading from seed?

    • sherry says:

      I have every intention of limiting them until I know if i’m madly in love with them or just plain mad.


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