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A Series on Log House Building #3



Ok, so I lied..but not intentionally. I thought that small cabin was 12 X 16 with the 8′ off for the deck. When I scaled it out, now, it was 12′ X 24′ with the deck not included (but take 1′ off each side because of the thickness of the walls). That makes all the difference in the world you see, because then we had room for the bed!


 The Cistern held about 50 gallons and the hose would reach the sink.

The furnace was a high efficient furnace so that we could go out the wall at a 90 degree angle without causing problems.

We normally used the wood cook stove but it would only keep the place warm for about a day if it was -40C. The backup heater would keep the canning in the cupboards from freezing.

In the house we have now, has a basement with cement that is exposed to the soil underneath and that keeps anything in the basement from freezing. The slow movement of heat from the ground continues upward through the main part of the house along with any heat from the  fire we put in the wood stove downstairs. We could be away for days without anything freezing now.

Around the bottom of the small cabin, we had insulated skirting with a doorway built into the framework so that we could slide garden vegetables into the hole underneath. I then added a heat light bulb inside a metal bucket to warm the area enough that nothing froze. I incorporated an ‘indoor-outdoor’ thermometer so I could tell what the temperature it was inside without opening the door.

Any more questions?


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2 Responses to “A Series on Log House Building #3”

  1. Anna-Marie White says:

    KNEW it~ according to my calculations and I do have a good eye for measurements as you know heh heh….I could see this was off. Ok now it makes sense where the bed goes. Also I am just going by memory but I think the file cabinet has gone missing.
    Its like a chinese puzzle! But looks like you have really maximized your productivity in there. Did it feel like things were tight? I think its just right, this is a really smart floor plan!


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