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Strawberries – yummm


I did say the Strawberries would be ready at the end of June. They are just starting. Red is beautiful. Below is a picture of the Everbearing Red Strawberry and the White Strawberry I grow.

 The Red one is red inside and out but has yellow seeds (that turn redder sometimes when they get to the very ripest) and are mildly tart but yet sweet. The White ones have a white inside, a pink to orange outside, red seeds (even when unripened, and are mild and bitter-sweeter. Of course nothing beat the wild Strawberries growing on the side of the field which are the tastiest and sweetest of any tame varieties.



The birds, bugs or ants are getting a few tastes, the little rats! Soon though they won’t be able to keep up with the bounty. I will share if they don’t take more than 5% – that’s my limit. After that the war is on, and the camouflage nets will be thrown over the patch. I didn’t find anyone to paint a hundred red rocks for decoys, so I’ll have use other tactics for my warfare. If I had a webcam I would soon figure out who the culprit(s) are. For now it’s a mystery. The mean slash marks seem to indicate evidence of a bird’s presence. The one’s with the half-eaten hole seems to be ants/bugs. It isn’t hard to find the ripest, sweetest tasting berries – they’re the ones the pests have already discovered.

 I hold the berries up to my nose for some of that delightful sweet aroma and imagine what it’s like to be a bug in the middle of a big juicy one. It would be like living in a strawberry world with strawberry air and red strawberry earth…all for the breathing and eating. This is why they get there 5%.


Bird or Bug Chewed Strawberries




It has come to light that some marauder has been pawing in the strawberry patch. It would have been early in the Spring. I saw that some places were bare-looking, but just thought they were coming up late. Nope! I believe the deer (who love strawberries) thwarted my plans to use the dogs as a deterrent. This is one reason why I grow lots – there might be some left for me.


Dead Patch in Strawberries





I’m curious why I can grow Strawberries that look like the ones from the store and yet taste better even though they aren’t completely ripe. I grow Tomatoes and rob them from their mother plant before they have even a hint of red, let them sit in a box until they turn red and they taste better than the Hot House ones in the store. Are the ones in the store all water? I don’t get it. How hard can it be to grow plants that taste like something?


There’s no sauce to go on these babies, just pure unadulterated ‘moo’ cream.


Strawberries and Real Cream

I know what you are thinking….”more cream please!” Can you spy the White Strawberries among the Red ones?Don’t forget to save a few Strawberry leaves and roots (if you want to get rid of the three-year-old plants…they don’t produce well after the third year) when the fruit bearing season is done for medicinal uses. It’s suggested that they help with  facial problems, diarrhoea, inflamation and much more!

PS: If you have allergies to red strawberries you may be able to eat the white ones!

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25 Responses to “Strawberries – yummm”

  1. This was torture. I am allergic to strawberries now. I could practically taste the wd ones when you talk about them. My question is: why don’t the bugs and birds finish eating the berries they start? !

    • sherry says:

      I was thinking the same thing today. I’m studying every one. One had a gash, one had two, one was 7/8 gone…so I decided that I only find the ones that they haven’t finished.

  2. I don’t think the bugs finish them. They just roll around in them, get a gutache and leave.

  3. Naomi says:

    Your strawberries look fabulously delicious!
    I am trying to establish a strawberry patch in my yard. I am hoping to design a weed free patch with wood chip mulch. At least a patch that is easily weeded. I just need to get enough plants to start the actual patch. For now, I have several plants in different beds.
    I have a small raised bed that I put wild strawberries in. They completely took over, choking everything out. Strawberry leaves are great for my green drink, so I will keep the patch as it is.

    • sherry says:

      You have to cultivate or eliminate a few of those wild ones (the older ones) each year so they don’t get so crowded, good luck in deciding which ones, right? The mulch will be great to keep them clean.

      • Naomi says:

        When you grow wild strawberries in a bed, you would be surprised how big the plants are. The are difficult to distinguish from the young tame strawberries until it is too late. They are very invasive, if you can believe that! It’s not a bad kind of invasive as long as you don’t have any tame strawberries around.
        The mulch will keep weeds down, keep moisture in and yes, keep them clean! :)

  4. I haven’t had a wild strawberry in several years but it would be interesting to find out if I was allergic to the wild ones. I think the tames one are genetically modifies. It goes against everything I hold sacred to have an allergy to wholesome wild berries and vegetables.

    • sherry says:

      That the way I feel about wheat. It a basic of existence. How can I be sensitive to that? I’ve tried the original wheats and the organic ones too, but they alll make me feel the same. I think my body is throwing up a defence that might have been triggered by something foul in what I had been eating.

  5. Naomi says:

    Do the ‘white’ strawberries get eaten as often by the birds/insects as the red ones?

    • sherry says:

      No, come to think of it. Unless they are exposed to direct sun they don’t get very red, so they don’t attract attention. The pests always know the best ones and I agree the flavour of the red ones are better.

      • Naomi says:

        Fascinating. That might be a useful defense against pests.
        Do they taste very good? I wonder if they are as high in antioxidants.

        • sherry says:

          The red ones are better, but the white give more volume even though they are smaller in size, and are as prolific as the wild ones. Don’t know about the antioxidants.

          • Naomi says:

            Do you have them in different beds so they don’t take over?
            I accidentally mixed up a few varieties of tame strawberries, so I’ll have to live with not knowing which is which. I don’t know why it bothers me, but it does.

            • sherry says:

              I tried to keep them apart, but one or two made it across and then had a hay day populating annoys me too!

  6. What makes a person allergic to strawberries? Why are they one of the most common allergens in the world? They’re just a danged berry. What’s in them? Can it be removed? Is it in white strawberries?

  7. I wish I had a garden. I want to eat strawberries and fuss over them getting all mixed up.


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