Millions without Power for 4th day!

After several severe storms swept the eastern US scattering debris and downing power lines, many people are suffering from ‘power-withdrawal’ as well as from a heat wave.

This reminds me why I want to be more self-sufficient. A hundred years ago we wouldn’t have been so perplexed by the worry that the power might go out. The fact is that it does. People are reportedly aggravated, and with just cause, that there isn’t more preparation for this kind of event, especially when it continues to happen again and again.

This is how I envision preparedness for disasters in my life:

1. I need water. - I have a dugout but it’s exposed to contamination from the air. I have some extra bleach on hand and 40 gallons of stored water. I want to put a small cistern somewhere, but haven’t convinced Hubby yet because we can’t decide where to put it and how to rotate it.


Pond from above

2. I need Chocolate Food. The essentials are salt, oil, wheat, honey and then whatever you can afford to add. I add everything I normally eat as far as it is possible. If you can afford only to have a week’s supply do that. If you can find room and money for a month it will make you much happier and less worried. Keep adding, rotating the supply, and extending the time frame you can cover. Diversify how you store it: Canned, frozen, dried,smoked,fresh (like my spagettit squash, fish in the pond, pasture chickens, garden, milk cow…). This all is a work in progress and can and should be done with time for thought and without panic.

3. I need to be warm. – especially in the winter. We have a wood cook stove and a wood supply. This has saved my butt and my canned food many times already! I have extra blankets for when some other soul is cold and wants to stay.

wood pile-chopped-split

Our pile of chopped fire wood

4. I need shelter. – I have a roof that doesn’t leak, a tent and plastic.

5. I need God. – …to help me accept what trials I need to learn from and to comfort me when things go wrong.

6. I need friends.- I hope to help my neighbours – one might have what the other lacks, and a hug will get us through a lot.

7. I need knowledge. – I am studying the wild plants around me to know what I can eat or can’t, and their medicinal uses.


What would you add to my list?  Am I forgetting anything?

PS: Check out the comments below (some good ideas). 

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10 Responses to “Millions without Power for 4th day!”

  1. Michael Blakely says:

    Guns! Incase it’s a Zombie apocalypse.
    RV hookups. Just saying. :)
    What about family? :D
    Castle with a big mote…
    Satellite TV… ha ha ha

  2. Ah yes. An Air mattress for moi. Non wool non feather bedding and some in case you have to house a family member or two which btw are glaringly missing from your list. Oh and do you have alternative medicines?

    • sherry says:

      I have lots of willows which have bark so that no matter what you are suffering from…there will be no pain. I have a Rottweiller with bark too, so be careful of her because no matter what you are suffering from…you will soon forget the pain.
      Btw: family is freinds – at least mine are.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Music. We need to be able to make music without electricity and be able and willing to share with others.

    • sherry says:

      Remember the Bobby Bare song “Singin’ in the Kitchen, bangin’ on the pots and pans”? Music links to our soul so I agree.

  4. Carmen says:

    I would have a corded phone, so when the power goes out you can call the people you need to call. I would also get a wind-up radio so you don’t need batteries. Then you need medical supplies for me to take care of people when they get sick….but that is a wee bit expensive, but IV supplies would save a life….just saying. ;)

    • sherry says:

      I think it would be good if we had everything, but I think it won’t always be so. Wind-up Radio…I don’t have one of those yet. Whenever I need medication I consider what on earth I would do without it. I count my blessings every day for the good things we have.


What do you think?