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All about a Dugout #3


Controlling  dugout contaminants:

Dog – Get a dog that doesn’t want to go near the water. Good Luck.


Wild elk

Deer and wild animals – fence them out. Right! It takes a major fence to keep Elk out. Imagine my consternation when the Deer started eating all our bales, hanging around nonchalantly in the bushes and drinking out of our pond. It was winter and the ice started to get thick, but not around the wind aeration hole. We saw their tracks heading in the direction of the hole, tried to secure the bales and chase them away. They were super hungry, so it was going well.

I would chase after the deer myself - whoofing at them like a dog, but my dog wasn’t getting the hint. She just liked to see me act like an idiot.

The fateful day arrived when I spied horns sticking up out of the water. Hubby got the idea to get a ladder, shimmy out to where the horns were floating and rope them. The dog is a friendly old thing and always wants to get too close to the action. Next thing you know she was in the drink herself. In ice-cold water she wouldn’t last long. Hubby managed to get hold of her collar and help her to get the front of her body up on the surface of the ice. From there she scratched and clawed her way back to the land of the living. Any idea what a wet dog does then? Shake! Then Hubby was cold and wet. Once he got the rope over the horns he wiggled his way back to land while I held my breath and gritted my teeth in terror. I was holding the ‘landward’ end of the ladder. This is about the time that our minds did a head on collision. What to do?…to pull our inards out or to get some equipment for the job. Anyways, we got the lead-weight, water-sogged deer out. After that I worried when the next one was going to go for a swim. 


Winter dugout scene


I worried about the defecation. Hubby reminded me about duck poo and the sort. For a while we bought water because I couldn’t stand the thought of it. After aeration systems do their job for a spell the water gets purified somewhat like a bubbling brook running over the rocks does.


Duck in our pond

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5 Responses to “All about a Dugout #3”

  1. Naomi says:

    Can you use a sand filter system? They work well, but I don’t know where you would get one from.

    • sherry says:

      My filter system take different porosity filters. I can screen as much or as little as I want but it won’t remove salt -that would probably have to be done by distilling. There’s even a charcoal type. I got it at a Home Hardware.

  2. Wendy says:

    Ever heard of amoebic meningitus?

    • sherry says:

      That sounds absolutely scary and meningitus has to do with the brain, gasp…ok I looked it up – it’s generally prolific in water about 32 degrees (tropical compared to here) thank goodness. It has a 3% survival rate!


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