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All about a Dugout #4


Vegetation Control:

This a very difficult task since water and fertile ground makes things grow like crazy!

I got tired of the cattail. They attract water rats who chew off water lines, stir the dirt into the water which plugs filters and makes disgusting water. They look cute to a point, but when I can’t get near the pond to catch a fish it becomes annoying. I like to have  a few so that the birds can nest. Cattail are prolific and spread like lightning. I asked the Agricultural people for helpful hints.


round-up weed killer

1. Round-up: You know – the one that is so safe and has no residue (whoops, they changed that to minimal residue). The one that a chemical supplier said I could drink like Kool-aid and it wouldn’t harm me.



2. Carp fish: expensive fish that eat water vegetation. They come sterile so that they don’t mass produce. They say this is so that they don’t go crazy making offspring and ruin wild habitat. It also keep the market for them strong. They cost about $30 each when they are still small. I’ve heard that Carp is a delicacy in some countries. Sometimes they go missing from the golf course ponds too. Ours are mostly grey with a red blotch on the back of their heads. The first ones I got were totally grey, so when I got the last ones I thought there was something terribly wrong with them. The ones in the picture below I believe are Koi Carp whereas mine are Grass Carp. The carps are fun to watch. The lumber slowly around the pond like a mini submarine. I will notice some grass twitching. When I check it out closer, there’s a big mouth that comes up out of the water followed by what seems like the whole head. They grab the grass with their mouth and pull it down into the water. The sprig disappears into their mouths surprisingly fast. It would be great to catch that one on film, but highly unlikely as they are quite shy. Once they know you are there, there is a  big SPLOOSH and they are gone. One of the first ones we purchased half a dozen years ago is about 30″/75cm. I’ve tried to get a picture of it but they blend in with the water. Unlike the trout they like the warm shallow waters.


Carp fish



3. Water coloring: You can get dye to put into your pond that makes it a beautiful dark blue. They use this many golf course water holes and decorative water displays. I can’t help but wonder what I’d really be drinking! Yes, I’m paranoid. The coloring keeps the light from entering in the water (which warms the water and encourages plant life). 




4. I use Pond Boss to quicken the dying process of the water weeds. If a pond goes into the winter with a lot of decaying matter the rotting process produces sulphur dioxide. Yes, your whole house could smell like rotten eggs. You will have a rotten shower each day, with a rotten drink of water and wash your dishes in rotten smelling dishwater. It’s truly not funny!

5. Remove it by hand…argggh!…see next post…

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3 Responses to “All about a Dugout #4”

  1. Naomi says:

    When I first saw this post I thought that you actually really used round-up. I was about to jump in my car and drive up and take your temperature.
    Thankfully, you are too smart for that. Tests have shown round-up in spring runoff. That’s a whole season after it should be gone.
    Is there a way you can put down big tarps and rotate them through the water as the weeds die? You would have to weigh them down, though and find a way to move them…and make sure they didn’t trap any fish.

    • sherry says:

      If I had the extra cash I could hire a big hoe and make the banks steeper like I wanted …grrr…on the first place. Most of the weeds grow in shallow water.

      • Naomi says:

        There are tarps that you might be able to put in and even leave. It’s great stuff, as far as I know and they can be HUGE.


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