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I’m a Witch.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN…(screeeeech…harhar!) and welcome to my ‘Witching” theme for the day: Witching for…well…water that comes from a well.


My handy straw broom


I originally grew up in central Alberta where water came from a well or a river. I thought all of creation did this. It was only when I moved to the northern parts that I discovered the truth – there are places where underground water isn’t accessible or feasible. In this case it isn’t practicable to drill 200′ (as I recall) to get salt water. There has to be an amazing salt water ocean under this country up here!! You would think that a person could filter it out. It would cost a mint to drill that far for sure.

I’m in an area where there are some hills. I had a feeling it might be different geologically underground near hills. I asked around until I found a guy that ‘witched’ or ‘doused’ for water. He said he’s come out and have a look-see.


Water Witching Rods




First he asked me where I thought I’d like to have water. He would start from there and work outward. He got out 2 metal coat hangers, and straightened them out. He held these out in front of him as he walked along searching for an underground current. He did! Then he gaped at me and said “Again”!! He followed this with the explanation for his surprise: Almost always the old homesteaders would decide on a spot for their cabins and dig beside them for water. They were very successful at this, but not all new how to ‘witch’. It was this Witcher of mine that thought it was instinct. Apparently he though I had instinct.

He gave me the ‘divining rods’ we had quickly constructed from my coat hangers. He showed me how to hold them out in front of me in parallel while walking the turf. He instructed me what to think. “Tell the rods what you want them to do if they know there is water”, he said. “Asking them to cross-over each other is one good method”, he prompted. This guy would make the rods bounce once for each foot or yard or metre so that he could count how far down the water was. He could tell how strong the current was and what it would produce.

Practice makes perfect in this business, but I haven’t had much practice. I can tell where there is water, its direction, where it goes, and have followed a stream just to find out it was a man-made piping system with water in it (in town).

We spent thousands to have a well-driller come in a drill for water where we thought it was, but believe he went past it and just charged the snot out of us (he was paid by the depth). I didn’t try again. I just accepted the dugout to be a good enough source  rather than spend more bucks.

I think I’m a Witch, but a good one. I only practice on water…well, no…I have tried searching for minerals, heheh: Gold. I know what direction the Gold is in, but not how many years I’d have to walk in that direction to get to it, or how deep it is. When I considered it could be close to the center of the Earth I gave up in exasperation.



PS: I  think we all have energy currents inside of us that relate to the ‘ionic’ currents of the water. I’m probably just more messed up than most. I believe this method of searching for water was named ‘witching’ because it seems magical or miraculous because it isn’t a tangible achievement. It’s really just another way to be in-touch with nature. If it’s a gift, then it should be shared. 



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3 Responses to “I’m a Witch.”

  1. Naomi says:

    I think I would have to silence all the noise in my head in order to really have this work. I can’t picture me not being able to witch, though, because I am so much like you in many ways. I want to go out and try it right now! I bet I can find the water mains here in town pretty easily. Haha!

  2. Kennedy says:

    I remember someone getting us to try something like this at one of the family reunions! Using old coat hangers and walking around with them deciding to point this way and that :)


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