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Another Garden Update.


I thought you should see the progress on my 2012 projects.

Our gassy Jerusalem Artichokes: I pulled one up to check the progress – not much to show in the way of tuber considering all its height. This tuber is about the size of a pencil.


Jerusalem Artichoke tuber











The curious looking  Ground Cherries. Shouldn’t there be blossoms soon? Oh yes there a few very tiny ones: (they’re about the size of the end of a pencil eraser)


Ground Cherry flower




Nothing but a couple puny looking pods that are barely visible on the funny looking Edamame Bean plants although the normal string beans are ready.



Bean pod barely visible at the top and center

For the last 5 years I had my Spearmint in a big black truck tire. They were barely surviving and died the year before last. I wondered if it couldn’t have something to do with the rubber…nahh!…couldn’t be  so I thought. I decided to get some from a friend again and try a bed made with a pine 2″X 10″ plank we had off of the mill. Well wow, what a difference! They survived all right and not only that they are growing like fiends! I’ve heard of growing potatoes in piled up rubber tires…now I think that I wouldn’t.  I never stop learning!


Metre high Spearmint






 If  you plant the last bunch of lettuce or spinach right now it may make it before freeze up. They like it cool. Above is some of the lettuce I left to go to seed.



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6 Responses to “Another Garden Update.”

  1. This should be entitled Lessons from the Garden. we really have to ask ourselves, are we trying to grow and thrive in a rubber tire? And if so, how’s that working out for us. And our children. Shudder…

  2. Naomi says:

    You are wise to keep your spearmint contained! I love the stuff, but it can really get out of control.
    Is edamame another name for soy?


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