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I’ve planted the Supersweet Corn

As I was saying, Hubby keeps me busy, but all I have to do is suggest that I have to plant the corn, and he’ll allow any time needed. Once we tasted the Supersweet corn fresh out of the garden, there is no option but to grow it. I am especially surprised that I can even grow it this far north.

I do it by starting it indoors about now (which I did today). I’ll start another batch in about 2 weeks to spread out the crop. Some will be eaten fresh of course, but a lot gets canned or frozen. I couldn’t help but plant a few popcorn. I tried last year but only one seed germinated. Cross your fingers for me on that one. I can hardly imagine popping my own corn-will it be just a dream?


Starting corn indoors

           OOOOOeeeeee, can’t wait.



 Below is my cook stove, surrounded with pails of dirt containing the Supersweet corn I am trying to sprout. The corn needs warmth to germinate if it hasn’t been ‘treated’. The lids on the ice cream pails will keep the moisture inside and help retain the heat of the soil over night when the house cools somewhat.

I love my wood cook stove!!               20120424-153803.jpg

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