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Preserving the Corn Crop

I’ve got my ear to the weather reports for frost warnings. Meanwhile I’m trying to live through the energy-sapping, fast paced days of harvest. I grew enough corn for our year’s consumption.


Corn and Squash patch






Supersweet corn and long zucchini in my wagon

It doesn’t sound like much until you realize this job will take me about 5 hours. 






The ears are full this year right to the end of the cobs – thanks to the pirade of honeybees and such. I think it also helped to have more flowers in the garden.


Rows of Corn kernels

In the past I’ve added flowers that are edible, help with pests (like Marigolds among the Tomatoes) or just for the intrigue and beauty. This year I grew  flowers for drying and added a lot of Cosmos for fun and color –  and it just so happens they are great insect attractors (for pollination) !

Cosmos flowers with honeybee

Cosmos flowers are attracting the honeybees


 The Cosmos are humming with Bumblebee activity. I keep wondering where the honey is being hidden, heheh. 







Cosmos patch

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6 Responses to “Preserving the Corn Crop”

  1. Anna-Marie White says:

    Hope you are using an electric knife to take those kernels off! I used to blanch, strip the cobs and then seal with one of those bag sealers. Enough for the entire year, something like 35 dozen corn.
    I like mine a little less ripe however…

  2. Anna-Marie White says:

    I meant less mature. Not ripe. heh

  3. Naomi says:

    Your corn crop inspires me!
    I continue to be disappointed in the Taber corn trucks and the horrid price that they charge. The corn is hardly fresh by the time it gets here.


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