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Mmmmm…Smell that Basil

Some jobs or work are made all the more marvelous by the smells around the area. I would love to work in a greenhouse. It smells like Hawaii in a northern setting. Today the garden had its own wonderful smell. It was the powerful, pungent and minty aroma of Basil that I noticed when I was working out some weeds around the Sunflowers.


The towering sunflowers










As I got closer to the patch of Basil, something else caught my nose. What was that stink? My nose was confused…a waft of basil…the stink of something totally rotten…what???


Big Basil plant





I discovered the Basil had a left-over neighbor: Two very rotten summer Turnips had been left behind and they were disgusting indeed! Impossibly, the best of smells was doing it’s best to drown out the horrid rotten stench of the other. I quickly buried the bad Turnips while my brain tried to decide whether to breathe or not to breathe.


Summer Turnips by the Basil





In my ‘busy-ness’ I’ve realized that I’ve been overlooking the harvest of the Basil and so I better get onto that. It’s large and lovely, but going to seed…hey – maybe that’s a good thing.


Basil going to seed

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8 Responses to “Mmmmm…Smell that Basil”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hadn’t thought of letting my basil go to seed until now! That might be a good idea.
    I usually pick all the flowering parts of my herbs, wash them up, let them dry out and put them in olive oil. It’s a great way to use the parts that are too tough to use in cooking and baking. Stems are great for this, as well.
    After several weeks of the herbs being in the refrigerated olive oil, I separate the herbs out and strain the oil. I use this oil for frying, salad dressings, etc.
    Your basil is beautiful. What do you use it for?

    • sherry says:

      Infusion in oil sounds good. I found that, after tasting them, that the flower heads seemed stronger than the leaves (at the mature point of growth). The leaves would be stronger I think when they are younger. I’m sure to post on some uses I find/or have for it. Keep in touch!

  2. Naomi says:

    Every time I erase my cookies, etc. I forget that my address doesn’t always show up on your site.

  3. Anna-Marie White says:

    Did you decide you liked Basil seeds?


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